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In my closet : 17 items for the office

TGIF! As today is my last day of work at the office (and because I’m a bit behind in writing interesting posts…), I thought I would just quickly discuss office fashion! Yay!
In my one and only post about fashion I said I was not very fashionable. I still stand by that. I try, like anyone who likes fashion, but I’m not very good at it (I prefer buying plane tickets than clothes. damn priorities!) After years of studying and dressing pretty casually, working at the office with a dress code was very different. I realised how little I was prepared for business attire so I went to buy a few shirts and one pair of black trousers.  It’s pretty easy, when you think about it, to dress office appropriate with not too many items. I created this collage on Polyvore the other day (mainly because I’ve never been one for selfies in the mirror) and it basically includes everything that I do wear. It’s not much and yet there are so many possibilities so I never thought I needed more.

Office fashion
My closet contains :
2 button-down shirts.
One too many striped shirt.
A light blouse.
One or two cardigans in case it gets cold in the office.
Two blazers.
One nice shirt with some lace details.
Two black trousers, one highwaisted and one normal.
One pencil skirt.
A nice dress.
One go-to black bag.

Because this is Canada, I obviously have to wear a coat to work and even though I do own about 8 coats, I mainly wear by two woollen coats in the spring.  I also wear boots to work and change into cute little black flats once I reach the office. I am terrible at walking in high heels and even though I admire the girls who strut around the office, I just can’t bring myself to wear heels to work. I also always add a classic watch to my outfit, so I can count the minutes until 5pm. JK!

I know there is lots of black in there, but as I mentioned before I’m trying to simplify my wardrobe so I try to keep a lot of classic pieces that are easy to mix and match with other items. I have a few flashy pieces, either necklaces or shirts, so I do try to add a pop to every outfits (so I don’t perpetually look like I will be attending a funeral). While I do love colour blocking, I LOVE polkadots (or hearts) and stripes and would wear them everyday if I could (in black and white preferably… obviously)!

Do you have any thoughts on how to make an office look interesting? Any staples for a business attire?xx

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