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Review of Tigerlily | Afternoon Tea Series


In August, out of the blue, an ex-colleague and I decided to meet and catch up over an afternoon tea at Tigerlily, a boutique hotel and restaurant/bar on George Street, right in the city centre of Edinburgh.

I had been meaning to go to Tigerlily forever and this was the perfect opportunity to try their afternoon tea.

The Tigerlily has a pretty extraordinary décor. It’s even psychedelic at times. There are rich colours everywhere and that’s always a positive in my mind. We sat in the conservatory bit at the back, which had a soothing white décor and the advantage of having natural light come through a skylight.

First off, I loved that they served the afternoon tea with Eteaket tea. Eteaket is one of my favourites from Edinburgh (shame I never actually reviewed it – will need to get to that when I’m back in town!). My friend had classic English Breakfast and I tried the delicious White Peony.

There was nothing fancy about the sandwiches as they were a bit large, but they were delicious. I had asked for egg sandwiches only to make sure I wasn’t served meat and they happily did so!

Our scones were lovely and were served with plenty of cream and jam (thank god after Hopetoun’s mess).

We were also served little tarts with cheese cream and sundried tomato. That seemed unusual to me as sandwiches are often the only savoury bit of the afternoon tea, but I thought it looked lovely. I didn’t taste it, as I was full of savoury from my sandwiches, but my friend had both and she really enjoyed them!

Pastries included mini meringue pies, chocolate cupcakes and sugary donuts. Despite their popularity, I don’t enjoy chocolate cupcakes. They are always too sweet and chocolatey for me, so I skipped that one. I did love the lemon meringue pie and the donut though!

I loved going to afternoon tea with my friend because she liked what I didn’t and I liked what she didn’t so we were well paired to share our afternoon teas and enjoy them.

Overall, I think it was lovely and I would recommend it. Now I can’t wait for my next afternoon tea!

Useful information:
125 George Street
£15pp for afternoon tea
Served daily from 3.00pm

What’s your favourite part of an afternoon tea?xx

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