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My Life in Agile | Sprint 8


Welcome to Sprint 8, the very last sprint of My Life in Agile series. I may try to keep it up in my personal life. But we shall see if I can keep it up, despite the lack of accountability (and shaming) putting updates on the web has given me.

Today I give an update on my last sprint, look back on what I’ve learnt from the series as a whole, and look forward to the future challenges that are coming my way.

Here’s a look back on my goals for Sprint 8:

>> Submit my short story to a short story contest
I finished revising my story and submitted it 2 minutes before the deadline. Talk about last minute, but happy I got it in. It’s such a good step toward putting myself out there with my writing.

>> Finish my PhD proposal and send it along for feedback
This is still not done, which I’m a bit ashamed of. I think I’ve been procrastinating on finishing it because I’m afraid it’s not good enough. But with encouragement from the Brit, and from my confident consciousness (it’s hidden somewhere in my mind), I am really dedicated to finishing this and submitting it.

>> Spend less time online but more efficiently, especially on my blog
I have spent a lot less time online lately. And actually I’ve been better with scheduling things, etc. however I’m facing a bit of a lack of inspiration again with my blog. We’ve been home bodies lately, so not much to report on at the moment.

>> Keep up blog reading, blog writing, working out, etc.
You know, I have been doing loads lately, but the blog writing and reading has suffered from the previous point. But I have been working out a lot more, and trying to spend quality time with my Brit.

>> Book a holiday
I finally did it! The Brit and I looked at going to Sweden one day, and boom we just booked it. So excited to go spend a week in a Swedish cabin around new year.

What I learnt from this series:

I have learnt so much! I was skeptical that I would have anything to discuss about learning from different sprints, but it made me so aware of many of my obstacles in life. Many of them being laziness, lack of focus, and generally life getting in the way. But it’s taught me how to better incorporate things I want to do into my routine.

What’s coming up next?

So there are no more sprints, but I want to keep going with a few of the goals I’ve set for myself. Generally, I want to find a good balance in my spare time at home. To spend time on my blog, on my fiction writing and my travel guides. I want to keep reading the blogs I love and I want to keep working out. I’m actually going to start training to do a sprint triathlon next year! Time for travel and explorations as well as quality time with my Brit. I also want to find a balance with checking things off my list (i.e. getting them done) and enjoying it! Ouf! What a list! Well I better start now!

How do you keep track of your goals? What’s your best way to accomplish them?xx

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