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Visit to Iceland – A Photo Diary

Happy Travel Tuesday! I’m not going to write much today, but please enjoy this photo diary showing off Iceland.

As the headquarters of the company I work for are in Reykjavík, I got to travel there in August and then again in October (and the Brit tagged along that time). I’m not technically allowed to discuss it too much, so I decided to just share some photos. I’ve not seen that much of it, but Iceland is such a beautiful country, so it’s easy to make it look good! 

We did a bit of sightseeing in and around going into the office, like going around the Golden Circle, dipping our feet at the Blue Lagoon, seeing the northern lights (twice!), and partying in Selfoss. I’m hoping I get to go back soon and maybe tour the ring road and see the mystical Westfjords! Here’s to hoping!

Sun Voyager
Faxi foss
Þingvellir national park

Have you been to Iceland? Would you like to visit?xx

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