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Launching My Free Resource Library

Today is finally the day that I’m launching my free resource library!

With all the time off I’ve had lately, I’ve been focusing on improving and growing my blog. Just before Christmas I redesigned the blog and have been going through each post to try and update and improve them. It’s tedious work, but I’m getting there. It also means I’m just that much happier with my site. 

In December, I also started designing some brochures about Scotland. Guidebooks of sorts to help people plan and enjoy their trip to Scotland to the max. 

It started as my own research, as I moved to Scotland and decided to discover everything about it. Then it was to help my friends and family visit. My parents want to come visit in the next two years, so I’m doing research to plan full trips like theirs. I started to compile all my research to create these guides. Thus, I’ve decided to open a free resource library for my readers to access them.

The three guides currently available are : a brief guide to Scotland, a budgeting cheat sheet and a pre-travel checklist bundle. There will be a fourth one available soon. 

I’ve worked hard on these brochures and I hope you enjoy them! I am still working on the ones for the shop. I’ve had a personal project that took a lot of my time away from this, but I’m still hoping to launch the shop soon. Keep an eye out for this!

What is available on the free resource library?



A brief guide to Scotland

This includes an introduction to Scotland, a list of must-sees, where to stay, and trips and tricks for travelling to Scotland, including for road trips. 








Budgeting cheat sheet

This brochures is to allow prospective visitors to Scotland to be able to budget as best as they can. It offers a printable budgeting sheet as well as budgeting tips and examples.







Checklist bundle

This bundle gives you different checklists to use to prepare your trip to Scotland. It starts all the way when you’re booking your trip to a packing list.






Crianlarich Wallpaper


Desktop wallpapers

I also offer free desktop wallpapers with photos of Scotland. There is one for every month of the year.





This free resource library page is password protected and only those who sign up to my mailing list will have access – it’s a bit of an incentive ;).  If you’re already signed up and don’t have the password, please get in touch! If you aren’t signed up yet, please do so in my sidebar. I promise there is no spam – it just keeps you up to date with my new blog posts. It will also give you the password to the free resource library. Hope you all enjoy!

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Scotland? What tools would you find useful?xx

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