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A Guide to Brunching in Montreal

Let’s start by saying that Montreal is an extraordinary foodie city. It’s a city where cultures meet, which makes it easy to access and taste food from everywhere in the world. One of my favourite things to do whilst in Montreal is going out to brunch. There is nothing like treating yourself to delicious sweet and savoury food served with a warm beverage or boozy sparkles. Today I offer you this guide to brunching in Montreal. You won’t want to come to Montreal and not stuff your face at one of these delicious places.

Regine Cafe

1840 Beaubien East, Montreal, H2G 1L6
Prices for the brunch menu vary between 12$ and 17$.

Regine needs to be mentioned first and foremost. If you want the best brunch experience in Montreal, treat yourself to a bite at Regine. The decor is classic and yet quirky and the service is impeccable. They offer you a healthy juice shot to begin with and then you order anything from french toasts to omelettes. It’s rich and healthy food as well as good portions.

Olive et Gourmando

351 Saint-Paul West, Montreal, H2Y 2A3
Prices vary between 10$ and 20$.

While their brunch menu isn’t very extensive, it contains some delicious items. From eggs, to french toasts or chia pudding. It’s directly in the Old Montreal so perfect if that’s where you’re staying or want to make a day out in the historical part of town.


Multiple locations in Montreal.
Prices on their brunch menu vary between 8.45$ and 24.95$.

This is a world chain and there are 7 franchises in Montreal. Despite the name, it offers a bit of everything, even lunch and dinner, so you’ll have a large choice. Because it offers so much, it is in no way high quality, but you can expect nice food.

Cacao 70

Multiple locations in Montreal.
Prices on their brunch menu vary between 9.50$ and 13.50$.

Cacao 70, if you haven’t figured it out by the name, is all about the chocolate. They recently started doing brunch and offer savoury choices as well. But if I were you, I would play it to their strength and order a chocolatey breakfast!


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Lawrence Restaurant

5201 St-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal, H2T 2L9
Prices vary between 4$ and 16$.

Lawrence offers a short but beautiful brunch menu. It’s brunch with an interesting twist. Think smoked salmon, kidney, and Indian kedgeree.


922 Mont-Royal East, Montreal, H2J 1X1
Prices vary between 7.47$ and 17.77$.

L’avenue is another quirky Mile-End restaurant offering gorgeous brunches. It’s all a la game show, because ‘everyone wins with brunching at l’avenue’. Such a terrible and yet great tagline! They offer everything from sweet to savoury, so you’ll have ample choice.


4323 Ontario East, Montreal, H1V 1K5
Prices vary between 5.95$ and 17.25$.

Bagatelle is really an off-the-beaten-path choice for brunching as it’s nestle just south of the Olympic stadium. It has a great menu and lovely atmosphere. It always has a quirky little special of the day to look out for!

La Grand-Mere Poule

2500 Beaubien East, Montreal, H1Y 1G3
Prices aren’t available online, but it is very affordable.

Grand-mere Poule is a traditional Quebec breakfast place. It offers all the classic brunch items, from pancakes, to eggs, to bacon, potatoes and maple syrup everywhere. How it distinguishes itself, you ask? By having absolutely fresh products that will make you say wow.

Caribou Gourmand

5308 St-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal, H2T 1S1
Prices vary between 4$ and 19$.

Everything is intriguing about Caribou Gourmand, its typical Quebec name, the fact that it’s owned by French expatriates and its interesting menu. The owners have gourmet roots that they bring to add a touch of fanciness to Quebec food. You will want to taste the breakfast poutine!

Chez Cora

Multiple locations in Montreal.
Prices aren’t available online, but it is affordable.

Chez Cora is a Quebec chain started form the comfort of Cora’s home. It represents typical home brunches from our province. The food is very good and offers a lot of variety. As it is the most common breakfast chain, expect a familial atmosphere.

Ben & Florentine

1215 Mansfield, Montreal, H3B 4G8. Other locations in Quebec.
Prices aren’t available online.

Their menu is beautiful, inventive and varied. Three of the best things when looking for a brunch place. You want to mix sweet and savoury? No problem. They’ll have just the thing for you!


25 Fairmount West, Montreal, H2T 2L9
Prices for the brunch menu vary between 8$ and 17$.

Faberge is probably my personal favourite. It offers a lot of choices and it is truly delicious. From the waffles, to the eggs to the omelettes and the meat, everyone is raving about it. It’s very trendy right now so there is always a queue, but it is worth the wait. 

brunching in montreal

There it is! While long, this list is in no way exhaustive. There are brunch places available all over Montreal. And for any budget! I also didn’t list places where only pastries and coffee, or bagels, are available for a quick breakfast.

Be aware that many brunch places only offer brunch on weekends (and sometimes solely on Sundays). My personal two favourites, Regine and Faberge, offer brunch every day.

Last note, Canada has the terrible habit of not including taxes in prices (about 15% in Quebec) and tipping of at least 15% is expected in Montreal. This means your bill will be much larger than the prices indicated above.

What is your favourite brunch item?xx

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