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Creme Brulee | Bake Off Bake Along

Happy Monday!

On Friday the Brit was working late and I decided a bit last minute that I was going to do my challenge for the Great British Bake Off bake along of this week.

I was tempted to bake a cheese cake but it would have been a bit of a waste I think. The meringue seemed very tricky and while I am fond of meringue, a meringue cake just seemed a bit too much. So the creme brulee it was!

I was so scared because of how terrible everyone did on the show. I definitely did not want scrambled eggs or a liquid cream! That is kind of the reason why I decided to do an original creme brulee and not add any additional challenges. I really loved Tamal’s rhubarb and ginger creme brulee on the show, but I thought that before trying that out, I would try a normal recipe first!

I got the recipe from here. It’s simple enough : heat up the double cream and vanilla. On the side, scramble some egg yolks and caster sugar and then whisk in the cream. Strain the mixture and pour over your little bowls. 

*Sidenote on the bowls: my parents showed me the bowls they use and they are very wide but really shallow. I think I might try those next time because I love the crust and that means more crust obviously!

The mixture cooked pretty fast and it looks pretty good with a little wobble. 

creme brulee

The tricky part was the caramelising of the sugar. I don’t own a blow torch, so I thought I would try the show’s trick of caramelising it with the oven grill. First, it scared me a bit because of how hot the oven was – I definitely left it open the entire time to keep a eye on things. 

Also, all my pots didn’t have an equal amount of cream in it (because I ran out of it by the last pot…) so it turned out to be very difficult. One of the smallest one took forever to caramelise and it turned out a bit burnt I think…

creme brulee 2

But the others turned out great! The sugar cracked fantastically!

The minute they had cooled down the Brit grabbed one and devoured it pretty quickly. Always a great compliment! 

creme brulee 3

In conclusion, I don’t think I would have had a mention for a great bake, but for a first time, I thought it was a real success! 

Ever made a creme brulee? What are your tips?xx


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