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Eight Month in Scotland by the Numbers

eight month in scotland

And May as come and gone…it’s June yay!

Can you believe I’ve been in the UK for another 8 months? Can you believe it’s already June? I can’t believe it! Yet again another month went by almost unnoticed. Work is getting into a routine, I’m starting to make more friends and go out more, and the Brit and I did A LOT with our weekends this month – with 3 free trips around Scotland thanks to the new train company!

Without further ado, here is my eight month in Scotland by the numbers:

{The month started with a day trip to Blair Atholl}

blair atholl watermill

{A multitude of flowers finally sprung out at work on campus}


{Half a day spent in Dunblane}

eight month scotland dunblane

{5 frames bought and the start of a decor for our flat}

{2 hours of ballet performance watched in Stirling}

{1 day in Perth}

eight month scotland perth

{33 metre tower climbed to the top of St Andrews}

{1 dinner in Glasgow}

{3 hours spent in Largs}

eight month scotland largs

{2 girl nights}

{About 1 foot of hair cut off}


Such a quick month, isn’t it? Moreover, as May as come and gone, my countdown to heading home is growing shorter! I’m looking forward to June because I’m actually spending most of it in Canada, at home in the warmth with my family and friends! Come to me sun dresses and maple syrup!!

What are you looking forward to this month?xx

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