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Afternoon Tea at the Cardinal

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday!

I’m back with more Montreal love! Today it’s a bit of a mix of Britain and Canada actually! This post is about that time I had afternoon tea in the city centre. Two of my lovely friends, one I met on my Berlin exchange and one from my undergrad, actually know each other from somewhere else, and so when I came back in town a few months ago, we decided to head to afternoon tea the three of us together to catch up!

M-C suggested that we go to the Sparrow’s tea room. The Sparrow is a tiny little resto-pub hidden in the Mile End on the iconic St Laurent street. Earlier this year, the owners opened a tea room on the second floor, it’s called the Cardinal (you can sense the bird theme here).

I arrived late due to metro problems and the girls had already ordered tea. I quickly caught up by ordering some rooibos chai tea and then we chatted away until a waiter came to take our order.

You can’t really order an ‘afternoon tea’ tray like at most hotels, so I ordered per item. I ordered a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich – because my afternoon tea in Edinburgh made me fall in love with them – and ordered a scone with jam and clotted cream as a treat.

In all honesty, I didn’t find that it was very true to the English afternoon tea – which was disappointing – but I did enjoy it! The sandwich was delicious, but not dainty at all! I feel it was a huge sandwich you give your children so they don’t starve at school. The scone was absolutely delicious and I was ecstatic to have access to clotted cream! ๐Ÿ˜€ Overall the pros outweighed the cons!

tea room

Cardinal – open only on weekends

menu cardinal

tea room inside

The tea room’s interior is beautiful! Full of cute little details that make you feel right at home! I mean everyone has a chandelier like that in their home, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

tea room decocardinal deco

afternoon tea table

our table of goodness


cucumber + cream cheese


scone with jam + cream

my treat

I guess the lesson I want to give about Montreal with this post about an afternoon tea – is thatย Montreal dining is an international affair! Don’t be fooled by our gross looking food (it all tastes delicious despite what it looks like, trust me!), the different cultures present in Montreal make it so food from every corner of the world is available here! Whether you want some Iranian food, some Chilean food, some traditional Chinese food or even some Russian food, we have it all!

If you’ve missed the beginning of my Montreal week don’t despair – you can always check out part one about Montreal views and part two about the Old Montreal!

Have you ever have an afternoon tea outside of the UK?xx

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