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Masterchef Dining in St Andrews

A few weeks ago, the Brit and I decided that we’d head to St Andrews for the day. Our first time back together since we graduated in November 2013. St Andrews is where we met and where we fell in love – for both of us that was some of the best moments of our lives. Anyhow, let’s move on before I start crying…ha just joking…*shifty eyes

A few weeks prior, a friend of the Brit told him about this amazing dining opportunity in St Andrews. The Restaurant Rocca’s head chef Jamie Scott recently won the Masterchef Professionals and then designed a special lunch menu for the restaurant. A lunch menu with an amazingly affordable price! So we booked – 3 weeks in advance – and made a whole day of it.

st andrews

We spent the first few hours drooling over our old home, about the things that are still the same and the things that have changed. We then headed to the restaurant right by the side of the Old Course to get our lovely lunch.

rocca menu masterchef

We were welcomed brilliantly by the staff and seated to a nice table – though a bit far from the window, which had an amazing view over the famous 18th hole and the West Sands and North Sea. Thankfully we could still see it all from our table.

menu masterchef dining

The menu was simple but amazing. The dishes by the Masterchef winner were clearly marked and the Brit chose every single one. The main dish was meat – so instead I went for the sea trout dish.

bread rocca

While we were waiting we were served some delicious warm bread – wish we assumed was home made of course! Is there anything more comforting than warm bread?

veloute rocca

The Masterchef starter was an Arbroath Smokie Veloute. That was definitely my favourite dish. We received our plate with a little mount of east neuk crab and some apple jelly cubes and a little cheese doughnut (which was assumed was Arran cheese). I was wondering where the veloute was for a second – until they came along and poured the veloute on top of the crab. And as we were eating it – everything made some much sense! Everything worked so well together! Delicious!

beef masterchef

The Brit had the Masterchef main dish which was Smoked Sirloin of Orkney Beef. From his reaction I would say he loved it – he was eating with his eyes closed, I mean that says a lot, right?fish masterchef

I had the sea trout – and at first I wasn’t excited but in all honesty it was one of the best fish dishes I have ever had in a restaurant. Again everything worked so well together! I had also asked for a wine recommendation with the fish and they brought me this exceptionally good Chilean white wine.

dessert masterchef

Finally, for dessert we both took the Masterchef dish – a lemon cheesecake. It was delicious! It was also served with a basil sorbet – which we both thought was weird, but eating it with the cheesecake just worked so well. It blew our minds! The macaron disappointed me a little bit – but it’s mainly because I don’t usually love macarons and have crazy high expectations because of Laduree. I don’t like them too rich or too sticky, they need be fluffy and light in my mind. But nevertheless I still (figurately) licked that plate finished!

sunset st andrews

There is never a bad reason to visit St Andrews in my mind – but booking that lunch at Rocca was just absolutely lovely.It was like a very special date! And the Brit noted that our meal was Scottish cuisine done brilliantly! For anyone doubting that British cuisine is a bit tasteless, or that it’s all curry and fish and chips, when you go a bit higher end it really shows you how well local produces can be used!

Afterwards, we both spent the afternoon with friends before meeting near the beach to watch a pretty stunning sunset. Good food, good company, good location = the best Saturday ever!

 What is your favourite idea of a Saturday date?xx

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