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Zoo Crazy in Edinburgh

Back in early June, before I left for Montreal, the Brit and I went zoo crazy in Edinburgh.

The story started when I saw a friend post on Facebook that she had been to one of those night events at the Edinburgh Zoo. I was super intrigued and so I googled it straight away, to learn that 4 times a year (in May/June), the Edinburgh Zoo opens its doors to the adult public for night events filled with live music, street food and alcohol.

Obviously, I was sold on the idea!

I had never been to the Edinburgh Zoo (and you might know that it’s on my bucket list) so the Brit and I booked tickets and we headed out to Edinburgh after work one Friday. The evening was so much fun! There was face painting and Pimms, great live music, animals everywhere of course and NO children! No offence meant if you do have children, but it’s fun to enjoy events without children. Especially the zoo, which feels very children-centric.

And I’m not going to lie, we replaced them in being enthused and queuing for face painting and popcorn and jumping of excitement at the sight of all the animals! It was a night filled with fun!

Some of the animals weren’t available for viewing at night, but it was still highly worth it. 

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This was by far one of the coolest activities I have been able to take part in in Edinburgh to this date and if you happen to be here (well next year anyway) while this is on, I would 100% recommend it.

PRO TIP: I would definitely recommend buying the ticket + meal combo if you intend on eating. The food was expensive and the ticket including a meal item and beverage would have been worth it for us!

Do you love face painting as much as I do? Ever been to Edinburgh zoo?xx

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