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Ninth Month in Scotland by the Numbers

Happy Friday!

Ah this month and this week have felt never-ending! I started the month in the UK and finished it on a plane coming back from holiday. This week I started on holiday in Montreal and am finishing at work in Scotland today. How weird!

It was a tough month – the first week of June was a blur because I was so excited to head to Montreal! Then in Montreal everything was a blur because I didn’t rest once, I ran around like a headless chicken trying to see everything and everyone. And the month finished in a dramatic breakdown in my plane back to the UK I had almost just missed, sitting in a middle row seat, which wasn’t the seat I had booked 3 months prior…

I didn’t really spend my month in Scotland, but nevertheless here is my month of June by the numbers :

3 hours at the Edinburgh Zoo Night

june month by numbers zoo

2.5 hours reuniting with fellow St Andreans

4 planes

25 Murals admired at the Mural Fest of Montreal

june month by numbers mural

2 poutines eaten

Many bagels had for breakfast (every day actually)

june month by numbers bagels

1 DSLR camera & 2 lenses bought

20 family members seen

june month by numbers family

3 stops in the town centre

june month by numbers old port

2 dozens macarons baked

june month by numbers macarons

1 afternoon tea

june month by numbers afternoon tea

Caught up with 12 good friends

3 jigsaw puzzles finished

4 empanadas eaten

june month by numbers empanadas

1 wedding attended

2 days of birthday celebration

june month by number birthday

What made your month of June special? What are you looking forward to in July?xx

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