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La Dolce Vita on the South African Seaside

Last Tuesday I shared with you my day at the De Hoop Nature Reserve in the Overberg region.

To get there however, I basically skipped a big portion of our trip in the Overberg! This was following our safari at Aquila – later that day we drove all the way down to Montagu, where we stayed at the hot springs and had lots of fun skipping in the warm pools!

The next morning, after visiting the Montagu village and even some private land, we drove all the way down to Stanford. T’s dad has a house there and it was a coup de coeur for sure. T and I are obsessed with Gilmore Girls and this town made me think of Stars Hollow a little. It’s a quaint little place where people said hi to each other and ask how things are doing, etc. It felt very homely!

Our stay there was relaxing and beautiful and ‘la dolce vita’ is the best way I can describe it!

seaside 8

We spent a day shopping around the little boutiques and having lunch at the main restaurant, where we also picked up some fresh eggs, and we might have even ordered some pizza for dinner and picked it up a few corners away. I mean how much more quintessentially villagy can this get, right?

We also spent a day in Hermanus – the closest city which is also on the seaside. I FINALLY saw some whales! We had lunch at a cafe that overlooks the cliff into the bay and we saw some whales and some babies too having fun in the waters.

whale 1 seaside 2seaside 3

This was starting to be late October so the weather was getting nicer and nicer. I mean who wouldn’t love some crisp sunny weather after a year in Scotland, right? I was also in the best possible company with T, and her dad was the best guide a girl could ask for! He had a fondness for showing me around both the obviously touristic and the more local treasures only they would know about, and he also had a fondness for ice cream, which I obviously share! If someone else can get their hands on pomegranate magnum for me, I’ll be forever grateful 😉

He also has a fondness for talking with strangers and getting to know people in general. Very social! Which is how we ended up visiting some private land in Montagu and how we ended up having a private boat ride along the Kleinrivier in Stanford! What a way to finish a day!

boat 4 boat 5Could this look even more peaceful?
boat 6 boat 7

And then, just like that, after almost a week in the amazing Overberg region, we were already on our way back to Cape Town. We were leaving the quiet seaside towns to go back to, let’s be honest, one of the best seaside cities in the world!

Hint for next week : Do you like penguins? 


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