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November | Month of Writing

writing month

Hi lovelies!

Sorry for not posting this week – I’ve been immersed in other thing, more specifically writing!

I’m sitting here in my bed, laptop on my knees, hot toddy.. hm I mean hot tea on the bedside table. This is what I’m going to be doing this entire month – focusing on my writing.

Writing Month

One of my goals for 2015 was to finish the first draft of my novel and I let that fall on the way side without much thought this year. Earlier in September I became aware that there is a writer’s group here in Stirling so I attended a session and – wait for it to hear about my terrible luck – after 30 successful years, this was the last session. Yes, sucks for me, I know!

What it did, however, was encourage me to keep trying! I brought the beginning of my novel to them and I got fabulous notes, which made me feel really good, like I was on a good path! When a stranger tells you that the first paragraph gripped them immediately and they’d read your novel, it definitely feels like you’re doing something right.

When a stranger tells you that they’d read your novel, it definitely feels like you’re doing something right

I decided that November would be my writing month mainly because of NaNoWriMo (ie National Novel Writing Month). I thought this project would kick my ass into gear! Last year I attempted it and failed – I gave up after only 5 days. I was so far behind that I knew I could never make it up. Also I got bored with the story.

This time, I have a story in mind. It’s the novel I have been working on since last July. I will be rewriting the beginning and hopefully making it past 50,000 words by the end of this month!

This obviously means that I will be cutting back on my blog writing. Gasp! Even more, yes. I will probably only be posting once a week until December to allow myself to completely focus on writing this novel. The worst thing is that usually I let blogging become a massive procrastination tool when I say I am going to cut back – so I’m saying it here so that you can hold me accountable!

Another awesome thing about this month – well I’m mixing my two passions, writing and travel, as next weekend I’m heading up to Wester Ross (yes that’s a region in Scotland not just in Games of Thrones) for a writing retreat!

I’m heading up to Wester Ross on a writing retreat

I’m so excited! First, I’ve been wishing for a writing retreat since earlier this year and when the opportunity came up, I had to take it. I will definitely write a post about how it went when I’m back! Two, I’m heading on a small adventure. I’ve never been more north than Inverness in Scotland and I’m excited to see Ullapool, and Wester Ross-shire. I won’t get to see that much of it since I won’t be exploring, but I’m excited for the train and bus journey!

50,000 words by the end of the month! Challenge accepted!

Do you have any tips for NaNoWriMo or to focus on a task like this?xx

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