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Random Observations About My Week in Italy


Hiya! I’m back! Oh I had such high plans for this week’s posts, but I got ill upon our return to Britain so I’ve been nursing a cold while being back at work. But I thought I would drop a a quick post regardless with some observations about our week long trip to Italy!

I just want to start saying how much I loved Italy, I loved that it felt like a jump back in time and we finally had some summer temperature, I loved the Latin vibe and love discovering new things! There are definitely things I liked and disliked and some highs and lows, but overall it was great!

Here are some random observations: 

  • The airport is rubbish! Oh my gosh, probably the most disorganised airport I’ve ever been to ever.
  • I don’t know what was different with the water, but my hair just suddenly had so much volume! That’s what I have been searching for all my life!
  • The metro was easy to use, but proper busy, at all hours!
  • Public transportation, especially trains, were quite chaotic, there were no notices if the train was late or not, what platform, etc.
  • Italians are loud, expressive and seriously welcoming and charming.
  • First Airbnb experience definitely just put the bar really high! 
  • 20 degrees seem to be cold for Italians! We were in summer clothes the entire time and everyone else was wearing a coat! 
  • There was beauty and history absolutely everywhere and exuding through every cobble stone. 
  • I love the Latin vibe – it reminded me much of Spain and South America, where, to be honest, I wish I could escape to right about now.
  • Cafe culture over pub culture, hands down!
  • It is weirdly difficult to find an authentic restaurant in the city centre – even walking away from the attractions.
  • There is way too many people, everywhere.
  • Despite what everyone said, Italian is so far from Spanish when spoken – though I could see the resemblance when written. 
  • There are sometimes no sidewalks. 
  • To cross the street, you just walk across and hope for the best. By the end of the trip we weren’t even scared anymore.
  • People make out everywhere – after living in Britain for so long, it’s like I’ve forgotten public displays of affection. 
  • We felt highly abused by the ‘table service charges’ – I don’t know if it’s because we were obviously not from there, but being charged 6 euros on a 16 euro bill is outrageous.
  • Though the food was delicious, because Italians have been so successful at exporting their cuisine, it didn’t feel as special as it could have it felt. It was however much better than anything we can get in Britain! Give me more cannolis and gelato please!
  • It was awesome to travel with the Brit!

Ever been to Rome or somewhere else in Italy? What did you think?xx

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