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Life lately | March & April 2018

life lately march april 2018

Happy May day! I’ve been a wee bit silent on the blog lately and that’s due to quite a lot happening in my life over the past few weeks. Some wonderful visits, trips, meetings, eats, and some harder moments of life too. We spent March mostly working on the flat, wedding planning and preparing for the upcoming trip we took in April. We were then in Canada and Cuba (and travelling) for most of April. The last few months were punctuated with a lot of time disconnected, not only did our broadband disappear for no reason at all for one week at home, but my time in Cuba was marked by the lack of internet access, which was a great way to spend more time appreciating life’s sweet moments.

>> Snow joke
March started with the whole country being covered in a (pretty deep) layer of snow. I felt right at home in that wintery paradise. This is officially only my fourth winter in the UK and it’s been a good one, however cold and snowy it ended up being.

>> New bathroom, almost
We ripped out our old ugly bathroom and have started the work on the new bathroom. We got the amazing new shower installed – it’s wonderful! New sink, new cupboards, new toilet. The new toilet ended up being much smaller than we thought. Like who knew there were different sizes of toilets? Not this confused couple! We just bought a new standard size toilet last weekend.

>> Stirling’s food festival
We visited the new Stirling food festival, Chew & Brew, on both occasions it was held. It’s monthly at the moment and I’ve loved both times! I have a post coming up on it as well because I think it’s worth publicising that it’s an event to attend in Stirling. Super affordable drinks and food!

>> Forced holidays and entrepreneurship
Since our year ends at the end of March at my job and I still had so much holidays to take, I was forced to take nearly a week’s holiday in the last two weeks of March. That gave me a lot of free time! A lot of it was spent dealing with a dying computer (rip 2013 macbook pro) and also having no broadband in our house for a week, which sucks. #millenials. Thankfully I was able to harness some of that free time to good use! I wrote to some companies and got some partnerships coming up for the blog, which I hope will be good!

>> Afternoon tea
With some friends, we went out to try the new orangery restaurant that opened around the corner of our house. The Brit and I both tried the afternoon tea – which was a mistake, could have shared one! The food was pretty good, though a bit pricy as it’s in Stirling.

>> Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
I finally managed to snatch myself some tickets to the Harry Potter play in London! Sure I have to wait 10 months, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it. I also managed to get some tickets for friends of mine who also never got the chance, so it’ll be a big fun trip I’m sure!

>> Cuba trip
If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know we spent a week in Cuba, which was fabulous! My parents, the Brit and myself stayed in an all-inclusive resort in Varadero. From there we took an excursion to Havana where we saw some family friends. So many posts and photos of this to come!

>> Stopover in Canada of course
I loved being home for few days (on each side of our Cuban excursion). In Montreal, I saw some friends, went wedding dress shopping, brunched, and brought my Brit to the sugar shack!

>> Wedding planning
We have officially booked the band for our wedding. We were going to do the music playlist ourselves but we saw this band at a friend’s wedding and they are affordable, so we thought it would be worth the expense. My parents and I have also started thinking about our Montreal celebration.

>> Death in the family
Last but not least, is the devastating news we got last week that my beloved uncle had passed away. He had been fighting cancer for over a year and a half and was unfortunately in palliative care when we went to see him while in Montreal. The day after we arrived in Canada I got the news and cried for 2 hours straight. The funerals are next weekend and I’ve taken the decision to head back home to be able to attend.

What have you been up to lately?xx

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