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My First Week in Scotland : Reunited

Hello lovelies!

Today I want to share with you the best part of being back in Scotland! Being reunited with loved ones is potentially the best part of this whole adventure – it (almost) makes all the worries and anxieties worth it! I mean I said in a previous post that to me travelling is always about the people – I have such an affinity for my loved ones. The best part of being home was being with my family again. Now the best part of being abroad is being reunited with so many lovely people.

S is my bestie here in Edinburgh – a fellow Canadian and a fellow St Andrews alum. I hadn’t seen her since last November when we both graduated. We’ve been supporting each other throughout the year mainly through Facebook freak outs – and it was so great to see her again! We’ve both just moved back and are in similar situation visa wise and job wise, so we’re supporting each other once again on this crazy ride!


photo from S – from back in our ‘ball’ days in St A

Exactly a week after arriving in Scotland – S and I headed to St Andrews for the day to reminisce over and relive some of those moments and feelings we appreciated so much during our time there. We had lunch with one of my best friends from my time in St Andrews – A, who is still studying over in St Andrews. Last time I saw him was with T last December. It was heartbreaking as T and I were about to fly back to our respective continents. We were like the three musketeers and even though it was so great to have lunch with A, I can’t wait until our threesome is reunited once again! <3


photo courtesy of S again – don’t I look positively happy?!

The best part of being back, however, is being reunited with this guy. The Brit and I have been doing long distance for almost a year – as I left St Andrews to travel through Europe and Africa last fall and returned home to Canada in the winter – and while it didn’t break us, it was tough and I couldn’t be happier now that we’re living together. It truly is a change of pace to go from only seeing someone through Skype to living with them – but it’s been great and seriously without him I don’t know how I would have survived the past few weeks!


my seriously terrible attempt at a selfie

So the first week – on top of being absolutely filled with beauty and with a few catastrophes – was also filled with reunion with people I absolutely adore. I’m seriously thankful that as an expat I already have such amazing people in my life.

Who do you always look forward to reuniting with?xx

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