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Finding Nemo in Cape Town

Hi! Happy Travel Tuesday!

Today we jump straight into the story! Last week, I left you on a little teaser. Well after our walk through Green market and the Company’s garden and through Long Street, we headed back to the V&A Waterfront. While T‘s mom checked out bookstores and art galleries, T and I headed into the Two Oceans Aquarium!

finding nemo

The first thing you need to know about me is that I LOVE aquariums! I’m kind of fascinated/terrified by the sea, so I think that’s where my interest comes from. I love to be able to see what inhabits the shallow and deep seas. Once in Boston I even got to touch a ray (I was terrified so that’s why I think it’s worth mentioning)!

Anyhow – aquariums aren’t the perfect places to take photos because usually the lighting is quite dark, but I got great shots of the main tank (i.e turtles) and the penguin area. Which were basically two of my favourite moments at the aquarium!

So upon our arrival, we headed straight for the viewing deck of the main tank. They told us we had just arrived at the right time since it was feeding time! It was absolutely lovely to watch! The main tank is circular and so the marine creatures go up and down but always in circle. There were every kind of fish, sharks and even massive turtles! As you may have heard before, I do love me some turtles!

aquarium 1 aquarium 2

Anyhow, we then spent a very long time just watching the divers feeding the turtles. Such beautiful creatures!

aquarium 3 aquarium 4

And then! A shark was swimming by and the turtle slapped it right in the face, making it crash right into the glass! Oh my gosh – everyone just burst into laughter on the viewing deck! I’m sure these moments are quite rare and we witnessed it. The shark kind of shook it off, but didn’t seem to phased as it swam away promptly. I think the divers were hesitant for a second as they swam away from the two animals while the moment passed! Which I probably would have done myself, let’s be honest!

aquarium 5

After some more time watching the gorgeous turtles, we started the visit of the aquarium. We passed some cute seahorses, some giant crabs and some octopus trying to hide. We even walked by a stingray tank – but I had no interest in touching them this time (and not sure I would have been allowed anyway 😉 ).

aquarium 8 aquarium 9 aquarium 10 aquarium 11 aquarium 12

Then we passed by another one of my favourite parts of the aquarium – the nemo tank! So basically the weird round shape in the middle supposedly serves as their anemone, which is what clown fish usually stay in.  And then we realised that there was a little opening for children to climb through to go see the tank from within. And of course, because I was 24, I thought this was perfect for me! So I climbed through after some children and T took some hilarious photo – one of which included me trying to climb out, which really wasn’t easy! But totally worth it!

aquarium 6post teaser

Finally, as we walked up to one of the final section of the aquarium, we reached the penguins. So cute! I really enjoyed seeing SO many penguins in South Africa actually (more on that later!).

aquarium 13 aquarium 15 aquarium 14

I really enjoyed that visit – we walked out still talking about that ‘turtle hitting the shark’ moment! So if ever you are in Cape Town and are, like me, fascinated by the creatures of the sea, it’s definitely a cool visit!

What is your favourite sea animal?xx


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