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My 3 Favourite Food Places in Montreal


I originally had more places than this, places like Cora (brunch), like Burritoville (vege), or like Odaki (sushi). I unfortunately don’t have many pictures from those so they didn’t make the cut.  Perhaps in a later post!

Here is my top three of food places in Montreal:

3. St Viateur   – Bagels

This place isn’t as much a place where you eat out as a place where you go grab food. These are the best bagels I have ever had (I’m sorry New York I have never tasted yours and I have high doubts they’ll beat these 😉 )! It makes me realise I should have included bagels on my list of differences between Canada and the UK because the bagels in the UK are basically bread with a hole…which ironically enough is what my uncle served me when I was 3 and asked for bagels and he didn’t have any. Tangent. If you want good bagels, if you want to see how bagels are made, or if you want a late night snack, St Viateur is the place for you! It also sells all the bagels must – like cream cheese or smoked salmon.  It’s a classic of Montreal and it’s open 24/7!

stviateur_bagels_montreal stviateur_montreal


2. Lumito’s    – Chilean

In my June recap post a few weeks ago, I said that my dad and I recently found the best Chilean restaurant in town. This is it! Lumito’s on Beaubien. I have travelled to Chile and my grandmother was the best cook I know and I can say that these guys really compare. It is delicious! They have typical sandwiches, empanadas, completos (our version of the hot dog), and they have typical dessert products like papaya al jugo and alfajores. The prices are also super reasonable! My empanadas fritas de queso costed me a mere 2.50$ and they are by far the best I’ve had outside of Chile! I highly recommend it if you’re in need of a little foreign taste! Just be warned that it’s a Chilean restaurant so you never know when they might close (they were closed all winter).


1. La Banquise   – Poutine

I’ve mentioned this countless times: poutine. Like anything we make in Quebec, it looks disgusting but tastes like heaven. You must discover the deliciousness that is the mix of fries, gravy and squeaky cheese. La Banquise is the hub for any poutine lover. They are also open 24/7 but be weary however of when you go! Their biggest line up is usually around bar closing time, and since it is well known as the best poutine in Montreal it’s usually filled with tourist! I’ve brought the boyfriend there about 3 times by now, and he’s always trying a new combo. I’m more of a regular poutine kind of girl!

labanquise_montreal poutine_banquise

Do you have some favourite food places in your hometown/adoptive town? xx

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