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Expat Diaries | In which I’m exiled


I’m currently in North America, as many of you will already know, exiled.

I haven’t given an explanation as to what happened, so I thought that today I would give a little update on the situation and what I’ve been up to in the last month.

Due to recent immigration constraints, and despite getting some job offers, I have had to leave the UK when my latest visa came to an end. I don’t want to get political, but since Brexit many companies have been a bit weary of hiring those who need sponsoring. 

I know, I know, you can’t be exiled in your home country. I’m being hyperbolical here.

It’s been a difficult situation because Scotland is where my life is right now. I share a home with the Brit, I usually have girls nights with my friends every week or so, I was working and volunteering. My routine is completely based around the central belt of Scotland and now I’m nearly 3,000 miles away.

Thankfully, the Brit and I have a plan. We’re in the middle of a new visa application, and a big one at that. We are hoping it will be resolved in the coming weeks, but we can’t be sure. I will definitely keep my blog updated on the whole situation. Best case scenario, getting a new visa and moving back to our home in Scotland before Christmas. 

In other news, in the past month, I’ve been relaxing, spending time with my family and friends, and working on the visa application.

We went on a family road trip, which was great since I hadn’t spent quality time with them in a long time. My friends and I went brunching at the best that Montreal has to offer. I’ve been to the very intelligent stand-up show of Boucar Diouf, a biologist turned comedian. A IRL and blog friend also invited me to be her +1 at a very cool celebration of Quebec wines. After five years, I finally celebrated Halloween in Canada, watching spooky movies and giving away candy to children. (You can follow most of it on my Instagram, by the way!)

It’s been a good month despite being separated from the Brit and the stress of yet another visa.

The Brit will be arriving in Canada next Monday for three weeks. So I look forward to having some local adventures with him as we await news of my visa.

Thanks for reading!xx

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