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Expat Diaries: In which I wait

I’m back with more of this ‘Expat Diaries’ series, this version in which I wait and am still not back to being an expat. Speak of irony. 

Since last time we caught up, my situation hasn’t changed much. I did apply for my partner visa and then went for my appointment at the visa centre. But still no response. All that’s left to do is wait…

The situation has not resolved as fast as I had expected. It makes me a bit sad to think that I probably won’t be back in the UK until after Christmas. However, I’m trying not to stress about it, because all I can do is wait. It’s totally out of my control. Additionally, I’m trying to enjoy being home, as I haven’t been here for Christmas in three years.

Meanwhile, the Brit has come and gone. I had a fabulous time with him but I’m gutted that we’re apart again. Mostly, we spent time together at home, but fitted in a few cool experiences during his stay:

We went to brunch not once, not twice, but three times. || On the first snow day, we built a snowman together (picture not included because it was a monster). || We had poutine countless times (I know we’re gross, but it’s so delicious). || Somehow, we managed a few trips, one up north and one to Ottawa. || We visited the Montreal Biodome and went to a football game at the Olympic Stadium. || The Brit saw most of my family – he’s very popular with everyone here.

He’s been gone for a week now and I’m trying to keep myself busy with some freelance writing and some exciting projects for the blog. I’ve decided to redesign my blog for the new year and am flirting with the idea to open a little shop. More to come on this! 

Expat Diaries In which I Wait

Photos in order from top to bottom: 

1. Brunch at Faberge with the Brit, my mom and her best friend (aka my second mom).
2. Me taking a break from raking my parents’ yard.
3. We attended a football semi-final game along 61,000 people at the Montreal Olympic Stadium.
4. First snow fell on Montreal in November.
5. A photo of the Brit and I before driving him to the airport.
6. Autumnal shot in Montreal.
7. We went for a 10k walk up north in Ste-Adele and this was our view.
8. I brought the Brit to the Montreal Biodome and we saw Canada’s national animal, the beaver, in action. He’s so cute!
9. The Brit and I at the visa application centre.

What are your plans for December?xx

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