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Small victories and happiness lately (#2)

Hi world! Can you believe that it’s been nearly two months since the last time I posted on the blog? I don’t think I’ve ever let it slide that much, but I’ve felt no guilt at all. It’s been bliss!

To recap the last few months, here are some personal victories and moments of happiness I wanted to share with you:

>> A big reason why I’ve been so busy is of course our upcoming wedding! Which is very exciting! It’s thankfully all coming together! Still need to finalise a few things and pick up my dress from the tailor, but it’s almost there! Can’t wait to just enjoy myself on the day!

>>Not only has the wedding planning keeping us busy, but we’ve also been preparing the house to welcome my parents in two weeks. We’re in the midst of finishing the last few renovations on our flat. A year and a half later, it’s much anticipated!

>> Work is going really well. I love all the writing I’m doing! Honest talk though, I miss my personal travel blogging (not that I’ve travelled much in the last few months!) and once all the craziness from above is done, I want to start focusing on more personal writing in my free time.

>> We finally sampled the Chilean restaurant in Edinburgh. It wasn’t as good as my grandmother’s food (obviously!), but gosh it almost felt like it! Yummy sopaipillas! (pictured above are Tres Leches Donuts.)

>> While I have been too busy to curate a good post to go live in the past two months, I have been drafting a few here and there and hoping to post them soon when I have a bit more free time.

>> We were down in London in late February to go see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in the West End. It was incredible! I had gotten the tickets last April so it had been a long time coming. It was worth the wait!

>> I’m keeping up with my running and it’s going well. While I want to do a triathlon again this summer, the first big goal is running the 10K in Edinburgh in May. I’m at about 6-7k right now. Struggling to push past that, but still have some time.

>> The Brit and I were off to see the Music of Harry Potter performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra in March. It was good though a bit childish! It was fun to keep picturing scenes as they were playing specific music. My favourite is still the soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat!

>> I got my hair cut in a professional salon, for the first time in four years! My hair feels much lighter and softer. I am looking forward to cutting it short again after the wedding though!

>> We headed down to England again in March. We celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday with a long weekend in Durham. I really enjoyed the weekend and our explorations (Hadrian’s Wall and all) but still on the fence about this northern town.

>> We booked our summer holiday to head to Canada for a few weeks, for a second wedding reception, to celebrate my 30th birthday and hopefully get some rays of sunshine!

How has your life been lately?xx

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