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book roundup

Hi! It’s June already (whaaaat?) and while my reading has slowed down quite a bit, I thought I would highlight the three books I’ve read lately. Two of them are coming out in the next week or so, so pay close attention!

I would recommend all three of them, though for vastly different reasons. 

How to find love in a book shop. Veronica Henry.

How to Find Love in a Book Shop is a book lovers dream. While it follows Emilia as she takes over her father’s book shop, trying to keep it afloat, it also dips in and out of many other story lines, of all the people who’s lives are affected by books and this bookshop. I really really liked this and read it very quickly. It’s a charming and easy read and if you love books, it’s an added bonus.

I was a bit disappointed by the fact that many of the women in the story felt a bit stereotypical. Thankfully that didn’t deter too much from the awesome storyline and the magical effect of books.

The Book Blogger Platform. Barb Drozdowich.

This was definitely an interesting and useful read if you’re a blogger or about to start a blog. I’ve personally been blogging for years now so I found a lot of the book a bit to beginner for my liking, but some information was very useful regarding the ‘book blogging’ area specifically. I would definitely pick this up if you’re thinking of starting a blog about books.

The Mindful Writer. Dinty W Moore.

This was an excellent read. Not something to read all at once but something to sip and enjoy day after day. It would definitely be a book I could see myself picking up again and again, whenever I feel like I’m blocked or need some writer’s inspiration. I’m not a spiritual person at all – but I could recognise truths in this book and definitely see how I could apply to my life and my writing. A must for any writers.

*All books above have been given to me by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for honest reviews – all opinions are my own.* 

Have you read any good books lately?xx

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