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The Top 5 on my Travel Bucket List  

Happy Travel Tuesday!

Today’s theme is prompted by the lovely girls who are hosting the link up and they chose travel bucket list.

I thought long and hard about this list. Who doesn’t have one, right? My mom dreams of seeing Pondicheri in India and my dad dreams of seeing Burundi – both of them because of the names. I love my parents!

My actual travel bucket list is far too extensive to start writing on here. I mean if you gave me a free ticket I would probably head to any country (which isn’t in a war zone, etc. obviously). There are places that I know I’ll visit one day, I know I will visit Denmark, Italy, Iceland, etc. I just know in my heart that I will make it there one day. I decided not to include the more realistic one on here and include the top 5 of places I will always dream of visiting but am unsure if it will ever happen (or at least at this particular moment of my life).

 1. Galapagos Islands

I’m obsessed with turtles. I’m pretty sure it’s my spirit animal. When I was 5, in kindergarten, we had to chose a spirit animal and quality and mine was ‘sweet turtle’ I still think it’s fitting! Anyhow, I’ve dreamed of visiting the Galapagos Islands and seeing the giant turtles ever since. It might just be one of my oldest dreams, when I think about it! I know the Galapagos have a lot more to offer than just turtles and I would love to discover it one day!


{via Flickr – Derek Keats}

 2. Australia

I’ve wanted to go to Australia for such a long time. It might be because I grew up in Canada with the 6 months of winter and I dreamed of sunshine and beaches, but it’s always fascinated me. I looked into heading to Adelaide to study abroad during my undergrad, but ended up taking the money to go to South America to visit my family. One of my best friends lives in Melbourne and we haven’t seen each other since we graduated in 2011. I look forward to reuniting one day.


{via Flickr – Travis Simon}

 3. Tanzania

I’m not the most athletic person but one day I think I would like to attempt hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro. I think it would be an amazing achievement and something to be proud of. I also heard wonderful things about Zanzibar and their beaches. With some fellow St Andrews alums we even have talked about having a reunion there… who knows?


{via Flickr – Rod Waddington}

4. Japan

I don’t think I would ever live in Asia. I just don’t see that being part of my life’s future. However, I would absolutely love to visit. Have a complete culture shock and discover all those amazing things it hides. Japan would be my favourite country to visit. I want to go to Tokyo, visit the palaces and see the coast. The cherry blossom is also my favourite tree and I would love to head there during that time of the year where they shower their pink petals everywhere.


{via Flickr – Marufish}

 5. Chile – surprise surprise!

I have been to Chile multiple times because of my family situation. I’ve been lucky enough to call this place home for certain times. Yet, there are still plenty of places I would love to visit in Chile. I dream of heading to see Patagonia and the Atacama desert (talk about a country of extremes, right?) and would love love love to stand next to a moai statue on the Easter Island. It is thousands and thousands of dollars to fly from Chile to the Island so I don’t know if it will ever happen, but a girl can always dream!


{via Flickr – iko}

Bonus : Kathmandu, Nepal.

I’ve taken after my parents and definitely would love to see Kathmandu as I think it’s the prettiest name for a city. I mean it has the sound ‘doux’ in it, which in French means ‘soft’. Sounds lovely!


{via Flickr – Dave}

In retrospect, I think it’s pretty hilarious that most of them are super nature related when I’m not that much of an outdoorsy person. Also, is it weird that I want to go to a place because I think the name is beautiful?



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Today is officially my 100th post! Thank you so much to everyone who’s been following along my crazy ramblings for months/weeks/days, however long you’ve been a reader! I appreciate every single one of you and adore this blogging community!xx

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