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Country Home: Rustic Decor

Hi! Welcome to August everyone!

I don’t usually talk about home decor, mainly because most of my life has been spent at my parents house – where obviously I don’t have much say on the actual decor – but today I’m making an exception and bringing you a post on our country home and it’s wonderful decor!  If you’ve been reading, you know that I went to the family country home for a few weeks in July – it was all unexpected and it reminded me so much of my summers spent out there as a child. The house was my grandparents, my great-grandparents before them, and is now owned by my mother and her sister. They have done renovation to the house and have been repainting and redecorating the house for a few years now.


The most important thing for them – and what I would definitely advice to anyone refurbishing a century-old house – was to keep the spirit of the house. They wanted to respect the fact that this was an old house with lots of character. Yes some things are slanted and crooked and yes the house is not perfect – but that’s okay. My mom once saw a man on a home improvement TV show who was helping renovate old houses and she took the chance to email him about the house (included its history and picture). He was so kind and answered that houses like these need to be respected and cared for. They followed his advice and did exactly that.


The photos that follow are all the small details of the house that I find absolutely exquisite. Some of the things were already part of the house and some other things were bought by my family. My mom is the queen of finding affordable bits and bobs in antique and garage sales. She truly has an eye to find treasures and she has helped fill the house with beautiful rustic details that fit the essence of this old house.




our tea cups cupboard




this bottle includes both my grandfather’s given name and our last name and so it belonged at the house




one of those old washing boards


some of our actual old oil lamps



old singer sewing machine table


the ocean themed bathroom – yes that is a small sailor soap holder


Hope you’ve enjoyed the small sneak peek into our country home!

Did you have a favourite item from my photos? What is your must home decor tip? Have you ever renovated an old house and have tips to share?xx 

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