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Third Month in Scotland by the Numbers

Happy New Year!

My my time does fly! I can’t believe that this first of January marks my third month in Scotland! December was another busy month. Full of work, full of reunions and fun meet ups, full of road trips and full of celebrations! While I wasn’t able to go home for the holidays, it was still so much fun to spend it in England/Scotland with the Brit. December definitely ended the year 2014 on a very good note and I am very happy to be recapping it for you today!

third month

One afternoon spent walking in the snow!

7 days working at the Christmas market.

12 red velvet cupcakes baked and then devoured!

Multiple visits to Stirling for job/flat meetings.

3 castles visited (+ 1 failed attempt).castles

1 flat secured! (More on that later).

THE best sushi I have ever had!best sushi

30 minutes walk to the lovely Portobello beach.

Visit of the National Scottish Portrait Gallery.portrait

5h drive down from Edinburgh to England.drive england

1 reunion with a long lost Canadian friend.

2 days in London.london

My second Christmas with the Brit.

Second snow of the season!second snow

5-6 chaotic hours on the train back up to Scotland.

287 steps climbed to the top of the Scott Monument.

up scott monument

1 New Year’s celebration!new year's eve

 Hope your December was as lovely as mine and wish you all a happy new year!xx


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