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5 Places Worth Revisiting

Happy Monday everyone!

The post is coming late today because the new job has me sooo busy and exhausted! I worked all through yesterday evening so hence why I’ve been so absent from the blogosphere! But today I have a little time off – so I’m catching up on reading some blogs, applying for more jobs, some down time with the Brit and more importantly, keeping up my blog!

So today’s post is a post that has been going around the blogosphere for the past few weeks and the lovely Katrina from The Thrifty Gypsy’s Travels nominated me, so I’m gladly taking on the challenge and going back in time to bring you the 5 places I feel are worth revisiting!

one – st andrews, scotland

st andrews

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again – St Andrews is the place in which I chose to live in and that I chose to become my home. It has stolen my heart and haunts my dreams. It is the place in which I discovered myself, opened up my mind, had so much fun, and the place that has brought me two of the best relationships I could have ever wished for.

two – valparaiso, chile


My father’s hometown sadly doesn’t make the list because I don’t really have family there anymore, but let’s be honest, this point kind of includes the whole of Chile. The other day I was talking to one of my cousins and felt like blowing the rest of my savings on a one way ticket. I dream of the warm sun, the amazing street art, the crazy beaches and the amazing seafood of the coastal city of Valparaiso. It is a city fom where I keep some of my favourite memories – like my favourite New Year’s Eve party ever!

three – western cape, south africa

western cape

Obviously, my current series on South Africa will tell you all you want to know about my stay of 6 weeks in the Western Cape last autumn. The reasons are many for liking this place, from the excellent wine, the amazing food, the sights, the beaches, the warm sun, the art, etc. But to be honest, the number one reason I’m drawn back to Cape Town is because of this girl.

four – berlin, germany


Since I left Berlin in January 2008, I promised myself that I would be back. Berlin is seriously one of those amazing cities that you never feel like you completely know, there is so much to discover, to see, to taste, to learn, etc. It was my first stay in a European capital and I adored it. Berlin is so cool too and I’ve always dreamed of seeing it in the summer! Here’s to hoping I will be back soon, now that I’m living in Europe!

five – montreal, canada


This is a no-brainer. I was born and raised in the most amazing place in Canada (#sorrynotsorry) and while I chose to go live abroad, Montreal will always be home to me and I will always have ties to it.

What are the 5 places that draw you back?xx

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