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Gaspesie – A Part of Me

Let’s pretend it’s Tuesday y’all! Here is today’s #TravelTuesday post!

I was born and raised in the city of Montreal, in the province of Quebec in Canada. While my father is from Chile (post to come on that subject), my mother is from the country side of Quebec. She’s from a tiny village in the south coast of Gaspesie. Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 22.26.25

Montreal is at the bottom left and her town is at the red arrow. It is a good 10 hour car ride to get from one point to the other and it usually takes us about 12 hours because we stop for gas, food and restrooms. After my grandpa died, it became tradition for our family to do the road trip twice a year for long weekends (on top of going to spend part of the summer there). Since my lovely grandmother passed in 2008, I’ve only gone back a handful of times. The last time I went was in May 2012 and it seems like forever ago.

So last Thursday, at about 4:30 AM, we started the road trip to make it for dinner. It was a long trip, but I can’t complain since I slept most of the way. We passed through ugly bits of highway and city before making it to the real country side, filled with beautiful sights from the valleys to the gulf and the mountains.


Here’s a beautiful example of my car photography skills

After such a long while, we finally made it! This below is our lovely house. My great-grandfather built this house over a hundred years ago and my family has lived there ever since. When both my grandparents passed, the house went to my mother and my aunt. They have been renovating it and making it a tiny bit more modern ever since, while trying to keep the old-fashioned essence of the house intact.



the property used to be a farm

The weekend passed very quickly! I basically stuffed my face, finished reading lots of book and spent quality time with my family. We had a bonfire on the hill behind the house one night and I finally had the lobster I dreamed about for the past two years.



The real colour of lobsters! This is the only misleading fact that I will never forgive Disney for!


lobster & team support

The best thing about this place is possibly the sea and the smell of salt and seaweed. After living in St Andrews and having the sea so close by, I’ve missed it and was glad to be in a coastal town for just a little while.

Thanks for reading! Happy Wednesday Tuesday!xx

IMG_1457 - Version 2



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