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Cape Town: Celebrating Like Locals

While this is my countless time linking up, this is Adventitious Violet’s first time doing Travel Tuesday! Yay!

So today we are continuing in this South African series, which is making me soooo nostalgic. I’m missing the cool experiences and discoveries and above all I miss this lovely girl who welcome me in her home country! But enough of this nostalgia, today we are talking about celebrations! Which is exciting!celebrating like a local

I always pride myself on visiting the ‘local’ way – that is what I love to do, meet up with friends or family who are locals and soak up all their knowledge, which you could never get in a travel book. You get to really experience how it is to live in a place like that – from the gate around the house, to the rain spiders, to knowing what pubs to go to and where to get your money worth. Locals are possibly the best way to get to know a place for what it truly is!

This is another one of those instances. About a week after my arrival, and before we were to seriously treat ourselves in Stellenbosch, we celebrated T’s sister’s 25th birthday. As always I felt so welcome as part of their family and especially in the very cool celebration that ensued.

We went to this bar, right by the bay. I couldn’t tell you the name and I couldn’t tell you exactly how we got there, because when we parked the car it seemed like an abandoned plot and then past the gate was this luxurious seaside venue, with a terrace where you get to sip a drink with your feet in the sand. I mean, it’s pretty idyllic, isn’t it?

champagne by the beach 4 champagne by the beach 5champagne by the beach 6

We sipped some champagne while absorbing the last of the day’s high and warm sun.

champagne by the beach 3

Colin, the #travellingminion, sipping champagne with us

champagne by the beach 1

Afterwards, because our reservation was a little time away, T’s parents thought it would be a good idea to show me a view from above and so we went up Signal Hill. It gave us a majestic view over Table Mountain and Lion’s Head, as well as a stunning and slightly blinding view over the sea with the sun setting in the background. It was pretty amazing to view Cape Town’s city centre from above as well. I mean it is so stunning!

signal hill 1

signal hill 2

just a little windy, isn’t it?

signal hill 4signal hill 3signal hill 5

We finished the evening with dinner at El Burro – a really delicious Mexican restaurant in the city centre. It was SO delicious seriously – I’m looking back at the picture and I would eat my plate all over again!

el burro food el burro

It was so much fun and I just can’t believe how lucky I was to have been included in these celebrations and these memorable moments. Celebrating like a local is definitely a must!

What kind of celebration do you prefer when abroad?xx


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