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Today we are back with some more of my bucket lists and little local adventures!


Back in early December, when the Brit’s parents were in town, it fell perfectly with a day off I had from work and therefore we were able to go on a little day out. After having a lovely lunch, we headed out toward North Berwick, which as you all know I have already visited and loved! Because my in-laws know I love to visit a nice castle, we ended up stopping by Dirleton Castle. It was free entry for the Brit and I since we both enjoy the perks of a Historic Scotland membership, but I believe the entrance fees for this castle are pretty low anyway.

dirleton 1

I didn’t expect much to be honest, but I really liked it! I think it would be even better to see in the summer because you first walk through a grand garden before arriving at the actual castle. Perhaps I shall put it on my itinerary when I head back to visit North Berwick in the spring or summer.

dirleton 2

When you arrive toward the castle it is so large and imposing! You can climb the stairs or walk around to enter through a foot bridge. I spent so long walking around the different passageways and the different staircases of the castles. It kept leading somewhere new and sometimes even darker, but I liked it!

dirleton 3dirleton 5
dirleton 4

Finally, after we were done with Dirleton, we looked at the clock to realise it was only about 3.30 ish in the afternoon. We had plenty of time to make it to Tantallon after all, right? Well, we drove through to the other side of North Berwick, the Brit’s parents parked and the Brit and I got in just on time before the last admittance was allowed.

selfie tantallon

that’s us excited we made it in!

We then spend the remaining 30 minutes running around the castle trying to soak in all this beauty.

tantallon 1

I had seen pictures of this castle on Jamie’s blog, Gunters Abroad, and couldn’t wait to go see it! I can honestly say that it did not disappoint at all! The only downside – my camera died exactly after this first photo, so the rest is taken on a pretty sad mobile camera.

But believe me, it is absolutely stunning with it’s cliff location by the sea! We didn’t have that much time to admire the whole thing, so we ran through the field and up the stairs to get the beautiful view. We could see North Berwick and Bass Rock and far into the Lothians.

tantallon 2
tantallon 4tantallon 4 tantallon 3

I was still in the castle that I was telling the Brit that I wanted to come back. I want to see it in the summer too and hopefully with more sun (you can see the sun was setting as we were visiting) and with more time to fully appreciate its beauty! It’s a bit out of the way if you don’t have a car, but I think it might be well worth it!

Do you have a favourite castle you visited?xx

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