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The Pros and Cons of Audiobooks


So recently I started listening to audiobooks. I’m not going to lie, the only time I have actually craved for an audiobook was Harry Potter (but that’s not saying much as I crave most things Harry Potter). But I’ve been a bit bored at work because I’m doing something very repetitive in the office and instead of listening to music and being antisocial I decided to try listening to an audiobook (I understand it doesn’t make me more sociable…). I found The Hobbit free online, downloaded it and listened to it in just under two days.  It was like magic. I was being productive at work and I had gone through a book I should have read ages ago. Perfect, right?  I just love doing multiple things at once and audiobooks allowed me to do that. I could get through books I wish I had time for while at work or on public transit, etc.


– Being able to do other things at the same time (It doesn’t look good to be caught reading at work, does it?)

– Doesn’t give me motion sickness in public transport (which I get from reading).

– Less weight in my bag (Just like Rory Gilmore I don’t go anywhere without a book in my bag, but sometimes, the bigger the book the bigger the backache).

Cons :

– As someone whose native language isn’t English, being read something doesn’t allow me to pause and go check for the word in the dictionary if I don’t understand it (granted that I am at work or on public transport).

– I don’t get the ‘book feeling’. I’m a massive ‘booksniffer’ and adore having a book in my hands. Something you don’t get with audiobooks (or even tablets).

– As an English major, I’m very proud of my bookshelves and audiobooks don’t allow me to keep stacking books up.

– I don’t see the words. Perhaps a mundane thing, but if you’re more visual like me or just love words, audiobooks take that away from you.

After a few books, I came to wonder, is that cheating? It’s not really reading, is it? So could I say that I have read those books? I don’t think I can. I know the stories, the different chapters, etc. but I haven’t gone through the actual motion of reading.

What do you think? What are your thoughts on audiobooks?xx

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