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A Typical Scottish Weekend

typical scottish weekend

Back in May, when the Brit and I had free tickets to roam around Scotland, and when I had some extra time off because of a weekend event at work, I took a (well deserved) long weekend and we visited 3 different Scottish towns. That’s the kind of weekend I love – some relaxing times, new discoveries and visiting old friends.

We spent Saturday walking around Dunblane, which is a town near Stirling. It is absolutely lovely – and in retrospect, perhaps we should have moved there. It is idyllic. Yes yes, you are right, that is where Andy Murray is from and recently got married! We were pleasantly surprised by it and by the quality of its museums and tiny little attractions. A definite recommendation if you’re ever in the Stirling surroundings!

typical scottish weekend 2 typical scottish weekend 3 typical scottish weekend 4 typical scottish weekend 5

The next day we spent the day in Perth. I had been to Perth before, to visit Scone Palace, but never took the time to walk around Perth. It was again a lovely day. The weather just really was with us that weekend. Perth used to be where the Kings of Scotland got crowned, the old home of the Stone of Destiny and was once the capital of Scotland. The Brit has family nearby so we had a great bbq dinner with them before staying the night at their house.

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The next day, the Brit had some papers to mark, so he went back home to Stirling and I headed out to St Andrews. It was rainy all morning and the second I stepped out of the bus in St Andrews, the day cleared and it was beautiful. St Andrews never fails me. I roamed around town for a while before having lunch with an old friend. I also decided to head up the St Rule’s Tower on a whim and got a gorgeous view over the sea and land.

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Happy Friday everyone and cheers to more weekends like these!xx

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