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Road Trip P.2 | A Day in Inverness

Hi! Happy Tuesday 🙂 We’re back with more of our Scottish road trip and today it’s all about Inverness.

After our lovely day driving up from Stirling – passing by Pitlochry and the Cairngorms National Park – we arrived in Inverness for a relaxed evening. 

Both the Brit and I have been to Inverness before so it wasn’t a rush to visit or see anything in particular. We walked alongside the river and had a delicious (though pricey) dinner.  We then came back to our B&B to watch Iceland beat England in the football (yay!).

The next morning, we took a few hours to walk around Inverness again. It’s a lovely quiet town. It’s probably why they call it the capital of the Highlands. It’s definitely a great base if you’re going to visit the Highlands as it’s super central.

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books books books

In so many posts about Scotland they mention lovely bookshops. I was an English major (twice) and love books! So when I saw that Leakey’s bookshop was right in the centre of Inverness, I knew we had to visit!

It looks a bit like nothing from outside, but inside – wow! It looks wonderful, with it’s spiral staircase and a wood burner.

It was a bit of a mad maze of books. It didn’t truly make sense to me and it was sometimes badly ordered, but I found a few pearls. Oh and fair warning – it’s a bit expensive for second hand books, but I bought two and felt as though I was encouraging the business.

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the best macarons in Scotland

The last time the Brit was in Inverness he brought me back some beautiful macarons from a tiny little sweets place in the centre. They were by far the best macarons I’ve had, ever! (if you discount Laduree of course)

This means that I knew we would have to pass by the Victorian Market where the little Belgian-Scottish chocolatier is based when we were back in Inverness. 

Lucas welcomed us to his shop. Him and his wife are Belgian and moved to Scotland a while back and started this chocolate shop. It’s very special and I 100% recommend you visit if you’re in Inverness. The Brit got a box of chocolate and I got one of each macaron flavours. It was delicious! 

They also make a whisky and chocolate that is unique in the world. And they only use Scottish whisky of the region. 

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Come back next week for more of our road trip – next week features dolphins!!

Ever been in Inverness? Where are the best macarons you’ve ever had?xx

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