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I love a good view over a city. I’m a city girl at heart and seeing a clear skyline makes me happy. When in Copenhagen, we also looked for cheap/free things to go. Thankfully for us, one of the best views in town was free and the other was actually very affordable. So when in Copenhagen, definitely head up high!

Christiansborg Slot Tårnet

On the first day, we wanted to do a tour to get an idea of what was where. Unfortunately we woke up to pretty dodgy weather (though we discovered that’s just Copenhagen…), so instead we headed straight away to Christiansborg Palace. 

Christiansborg is situated on the tiny islet of Slotsholmen and houses the Danish parliament. It was built in the early 20th century, construction starting in 1907 and being completed in 1928. There are some great photos about the construction inside the building.

The Tower is now free and open to the public, which is a great initiative. It is the tallest tower in Copenhagen and the viewing platform stands at 44m, which is perfect for a skyline view.

It opens at 11am Tuesday to Sunday (it’s closed on Mondays), so we arrived promptly at 10.55am. We were about 20th down the line, but they do say the best time to visit is between 11am and 12noon. It gets busier as the day goes by and they only allow a certain number of people up at a time.

The views, as you’ll see below, are great! I highly recommend it if you’re in Copenhagen.


Taarn is the Danish word for tower – if you hadn’t guessed that. I’m sure you’ll also have guessed that runde means round. This gives us round tower. 

The iconic Round Tower of Copenhagen sits straight in the city centre. It was built in the 17th century and housed the observatory of the University of Copenhagen until the 19th century. Since the observatory is still in use, it makes it Europe’s oldest functioning astronomy observatory. The platform stands at almost 35 meters high. 

We had passed by it a few times in our walks around town. On a beautiful sunny (and windy) day, we decided to stop by, especially after seeing it was only 25kr each to go up. 

It seems easy at first to go up, it’s a simple spiral slop that goes up the whole way, but wow does it get hard when you reach about 20-30 meters high. The slope is actually over 200 meters long and then you reach a small staircase, which leads to the viewing platform.

There are some really interesting things to do and see as you go up, see the old timey loos, look down the glass platform (or step on it if you’re brave enough…we weren’t…) and even look into the ancient bell loft with its original wooden beams.

When you reach the top you’re greeted with some amazing views.

When you visit somewhere new, what’s your first favourite thing to do?xx

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