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Travelling to Malang | Off the beaten path travel in Asia

In the next few weeks, I’m going to be branching out of my usual travel topics and bringing you loads of posts about Asia (okay not loads, but 3!). It’s a place that excites me and that I hope to be able to start visiting in the near future! 

Today, we are travelling to Malang, all the way in Indonesia. Malang is situated in East Java, Java being the world’s most populous island and home of Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta. Java is renown for its dramatic landscapes full of rolling hills and volcanoes, its beautiful beaches and iconic temples.

About Malang

The city of Malang itself has 800,000 inhabitants, while the overall Malang Valley counts over 2 million people. The language spoken is Javanese, as well as other dialects. Malang is renown for it’s universities, its beauty, and its temples (‘candi’ in javanese).

The city is flanked on all sides by Mount Kaji, Mount Arjuna, Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru. The latter is the highest mountain in Java with elevation and prominence of 3,676m. This is just to say that the landscapes are breathtaking!

Photo courtesy of Traveloka

Photo courtesy of Traveloka

When to go

Malang is a good city to visit weather-wise as the average day temperature stays around 23C all year long. However it is highly affected by tropical monsoons. This means that during the winter months – from December to March – there will be a lot of precipitation. We would advise that you go between the months of July and October, with August being the driest month of the year and October being the warmest.

Where to stay

There are so many hotels in Malang that it’s difficult to choose. The recommendation we give is to stay just outside the city centre to experience a quieter atmosphere and enjoy the sight over the city.

The Amartahills Hotel and Resort Batu is situated just outside Malang and offers amazing amenities. From simple duplex rooms to full executive suites, they offer good service (with free wifi and free breakfast) at a very reasonable price, especially if you’re coming from the USA or Europe.  Bonus? You will wake up every morning with an amazing view because of its location in the hills. Find out here.

Malang 7

Photo courtesy of Traveloka

What to see

Let’s just start by saying that you won’t be bored in the Malang Valley. There is loads to do and for every taste. Malang is a beautiful city, but the surroundings also offer a lot of adventures for those who know where to look!

The city

In Malang you will find many different parks, traditional buildings, as well as Dutch colonial-style houses. You should definitely try to sign up for a walking tour. Among other things the city also offers some interesting museums. Many say the best one in town is the Museum Malang Tempo Doeloe, which is a hands-on historical museum. Don’t forget to take some time to pass by the city square, Alun-Alun.


As Malang is surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, this means that it’s a perfect place to start a hiking trip from. Many adventurers will take the hike up Mount Bromo, which is estimated at about 3 days. The courageous ones will however be rewarded by absolutely gorgeous sights. Mount Bromo is surrounded by a vast land of sand and sunrises are worth getting up for (some companies even organise ‘sunrise tours’).

Hot Springs

With so many volcanoes, it’s no surprise that there are loads of hot springs for tourists and locals alike to take advantage of. Two that you can reach from Malang include: Songgoriti, a few kilometres from Batu, and Cangar, about an hour north of Malang.


The Malang region is full of beautiful waterfalls and who doesn’t love waterfall hunting? Some are seen on hikes and some are only short treks from main roads. The famous ones are Coban Pelangi (also known as Rainbow Waterfall), Coban Rondo, and Coban Sewu. Prepare yourself for some superb photo-ops and to get a little wet.

The southern coast

A few hours drive south of the city, still in the Malang region, you will reach the coast and find some of the most beautiful beaches in Java. Not only should you visit beaches such as Balekambang, but you should also hop to Sempu Island and see its hidden lagoon.


Immerse yourself in the culture of Indonesia and visit one or more of the many temples around Malang. Candi Singhasari is a 13th-century Hindu-Buddhist temple worth a quick visit. Another small temple in the surroundings is Candi Sumberawan, which is recommended here because you will walk through beautiful rice fields.

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Photo via Basanta Thapa

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Photo via Mighty Travels

travelling to Malang University

Photo via mattjlc

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Photo via izwanroslan

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Photo via Basanta Thapa

From Malang

From Malang you can also discover so much more of Indonesia. First, there is the Island of Madura at the north, connected to East Java by Indonesia’s longest bridge. From Malang, you can also reach the popular Bali, as there are direct flights connecting the two.

Finally, don’t forget to try all of the food, be respectful of the Indonesian culture, and have fun and explore!

Have you ever been to Indonesia? What was your favourite part?xx

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