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Traveling with your significant other | Guest Post

Hello lovelies! I hope you’re doing well on this fabulous Monday! As I mentioned recently, I’m currently in Italy for the week! Yay holiday! While I’m away, I have some amazing bloggers taking over for me! I’m so lucky that these lovely ladies actually wanted to write up a little something and share their travel experiences on my blog. Each and everyone of them is amazing, so please feel free to explore their own blogs after seeing them up here! 

Today we have the lovely Julie sharing a great post about travelling with your significant other – which is so fitting since this coincides with my first foreign (aka not Canada, England or Scotland) trip with the Brit! What I love about Julie’s blog is the awesome adventures of her life in Brazil she shared with us and that her creativity really comes through!

Hi everyone, I’m Julie from Alone With My Tea.  I’ve been reading Camila’s blog for about 2 years now, and I’m so excited to guest post today!  I started my blog mostly as a way to “scrapbook” my creative attempts (painting, drawings, poetry, photography) After moving overseas and then moving back home to the U.S., I wanted to keep my blog going.  It has since morphed into a travel and lifestyle blog, although I’m starting to post more art again! 🙂

Peter and I moved to Brazil exactly 8 days after our wedding.  I have gotten a lot of questions about how that worked out and many people asked me, “Should you live overseas your first year of marriage?”  I started to answer that question and then realized that most of these points can be true for any kind of traveling with your significant other.

So, should you?  In my opinion – YES!  Traveling with your significant other has so many benefits…

On our honeymoon

 You learn to rely on each other

Flying in to Rio

 You learn to work together

My birthday hike to the tallest peak in Rio de Janeiro
View from the top of my birthday hike

You can’t run away when there are problems (you have to work things out)

Just being silly at a friend’s birthday party
Watching the kite surfers from “our” beach in Rio

 You learn to live on a budget 

A more secluded beach south of Rio
The famous “Selaron” steps in Lapa, Rio

You realize how much you appreciate each other

“Christ the Redeemer” statue in Rio
Getting ready to move to Alabama

You grow closer together in inexplicable ways

At a beach in Florida


What is your opinion on traveling with your significant other?  Do you love it or hate it?


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