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Travel Blogger Outtakes | What You Didn’t See

 I don’t know if you’re like me, but I truly believe that travelling goes hand in hand with the unexpected. We miss connections, things get lost, we fall, we taste food we’re not sure we like, we trust people that perhaps shouldn’t be trusted, we run to catch buses, we can’t quite figure out the language or the currency.

I don’t believe that one should be okay with any of that (I have cried and complained on many occasions because of those situations), but we definitely must learn, as travellers and/or immigrants, to embrace these unexpected situations. That’s life after all.

On the other hand, bloggers often don’t seem to share these experiences, making their online life look perfect or ‘Instagram worthy’. That’s why I jumped at the chance to participate in this month’s linkup about travel blogger outtakes and bloopers. We’ve all had them and today I’m sharing my personal travel blogger outtakes with you.

>> Shamefully overpacking
I think that is definitely a beginner’s mistake. My first few trips as a teenager/young adult were ridiculous – it’s like I’d pack my entire closet in a suitcase. Can you even guess how overweight this suitcase was?

travel blogger outtakes overpacking

>> Photographing 500 blurry trees from the train
Europe has truly made me appreciate train travel. It’s usually (see point below) efficient and comfortable. The other great thing is that it allows you to see amazing landscapes. I love to take photos through the window but they, more often than not, end up looking like this …
travel blogger outtakes blurry photos

>> Missing/running to catch public transport
If only you knew how unlucky I am with public transport you’d probably laugh at me. It’s become a joke between the Brit and me that if I’m present, there will be issues with our transport for sure. Two examples: it once took me 8 hours to do a 2h journey between Edinburgh and St Andrews, and we got on board the wrong train in Italy.

>> Getting lost in a village of 1000 people
I can easily find my way around a city at home and abroad, but small coastal Scottish villages seem to be my Kryptonite. I think it’s because I usually rely on internet data which is intermittent at best in the north of the country. Try asking for direction in Gaelic, a language I can’t even pronounce…
travel blogger outtakes getting lost in ullapool

>> That time I wasn’t dressed for the occasion
A massive blizzard hit Colorado last year the day before my flight. In true Canadian fashion, I dressed up for the occasion. I spent a gorgeous sunny week in Colorado totally overdressed for the weather. When I later flew to Pennsylvania (again dressed for a blizzard) I encountered weather close to 20 degrees.

>> Getting my legs bitten while eating lobster
You see my profile picture, yes right in the sidebar, well while I was posing for this photo and then eating my amazing lobster pasta in Rome, I got my legs bitten so bad. We actually had to go to a pharmacy the next day because the pain wasn’t subsiding. Oh the dangers of travel 😉

>> That time we looked for a castle and found a wall
You may or may not remember my post about when my friends and I did a Tom Hanks pilgrimage during our first month in Scotland (you can refresh your memory here). My friends and I were adamant on trying to find Roslin Castle, but despite many warnings, we only found a wall.

travel blogger outtakes roslin castle

>> “Admiring the views”
This one is simple. Bloggers love high vantage points to admire the view, but Mother Nature isn’t always on your side…
travel blogger outtakes admiring the view

>> Devouring beautiful pastries in France
French pastries are so dainty and beautiful that I should really be eating them with my pinky in the air. But no, there was nothing ladylike about me eating pastries by the Eiffel tower…
travel blogger outtakes eating like a lady

>> Weeping at the Harry Potter Studios
I loved visiting the Harry Potter Studios and shared an entire post on it (pss you can read it here). What I didn’t share was how I wept when I came across the Hogwarts model. My friends had to leave before me so I was by myself at that point and listening to the audioguide. I was looking at this beauty while the cast and crew discussed how sad they were on the day the series finished filming. *Cue tears
travel blogger outtakes harry potter studio

Do you have any travel outtakes?xx

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