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3 Reasons to attend a Traditional Scottish Night

A few weeks ago, I got a very kind email inviting me along with other bloggers to a ‘Traditional Scottish Night’ at the King James  by Thistle Hotel in Edinburgh. I accepted right away obviously! I wouldn’t throw a free night of entertainment out the window and a chance to meet other local bloggers!

So on a normal Tuesday night after work, I took the train directly to Edinburgh and arrived just in time for the evening starting around 6.30. Well actually for the bloggers it all started at 6pm so I missed a private tour of the hotel with the other lovely ladies. But by 6.45 we were all seated in the large hall, ready for a great night!

The other 9 bloggers and I were seated at a ‘VIP table’ – we were smack in the centre of the room at the best table in the joint. We also had lovely little gift bags of Scottish products – including Irn Bru and Tunnock’s biscuits. We were indeed treated like VIPs.


I quickly introduced myself to the lovely 4-5 bloggers around me and the night was off to a good start. Everyone was so chill, and not going to lie it was so cool to hang out around fellow bloggers! If you’re a blogger out there in Scotland, please get in touch, because we should have more of these!

We were first served our meal. From a lovely leek soup, to a delicious main of salmon (for me, as others had beef or chicken) and finishing with shortbread and a traditional Cranachan dessert. It was my first time tasting Cranachan and I quite liked it – despite it being very rich!

scottish meal

Well after dinner, the evening finally kicked off with some music, some jokes and some dancing. Jamie, the host of Jamie’s Traditional Scottish Evening, was a hoot – a real entertainer! Not going to lie, I laughed out loud when he told his jokes! If you want a good joke about what’s under the kilt – he’s your man!


Sadly, I had to head out a bit early, because I had to train back home, but I still loved the evening!

Most of my fellow bloggers were British and many didn’t fully understand why people would pay to go to a show like this when you can just go out and explore Scotland. However, as a foreigner I could see the appeal – I could see my family loving this event if they came to visit! It’s definitely aimed at tourists and people who do indeed want a taste of Scotland during their short stay.

Here are 3 reasons to attend the traditional Scottish night:

1. Unless you come in January, chances you won’t be able to attend a traditional Burns supper and get the whole experience of the piping and the address. I personally attended my first real Burns supper earlier this year in Stirling and loved it! And I believed this really gave a good impression of it!

jamie's scottish night haggis

2. I loved that they didn’t serve us haggis as the main meal – I’m not a huge fan of haggis as you might expect – however, the night includes a taste of haggis later in the evening. It’s perfect for those who might not want to throw their money at a whole haggis meal before knowing if they like it. This way you get to taste it and decide if you would want a whole meal of it.

jamie's scottish night jamie's scottish night music
3. You get to experience some of the traditional culture. You get to see men in kilts (I love me a nice man in a kilt),  see the bag pipes being played from up close, hear traditional songs and even see Highland dancing. After almost 2 years of living in Scotland, it was my first time seeing Highland dancers!

jamie's scottish night violinjamie's scottish night dancers

In all honesty, I thought it all seemed a bit expensive and I’m unsure if I would have paid for this – even though it is dinner and a show after all – but I could see why some people treating themselves to a trip to Scotland would be really happy to treat themselves to an event like this. This way, even if you’re in Scotland for only a weekend or a week, you get to see a big show of the Scottish culture.

What is one thing from your culture you think would be invaluable for a tourist to experience?xx


* The night at Jamie’s Traditional Scottish Night was courtesy of the hotel but all opinions are my own *

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