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Tourist for a day in Dundee

For Valentine’s Day weekend, we were planning on visiting some friends in St Andrews and staying the night in a castle (it’s on my list!). We visited friends and had lots of fun but sadly the castle was fully booked. Because of train situations and wanting to be away for the weekend, we decided to stay the night in Dundee, which is easily reachable from St Andrews, and visit it the next day before coming home. 

To be frank with you, because my first introduction to Scotland was St Andrews, I had no real positive thoughts about Dundee…except that they had a shopping centre. When I met the Brit I had to stop making jokes because he studied there for his undergraduate and quite liked it. We had been meaning to take a day trip there for a while now and I’m happy we finally visited on such a bright and sunny day. 

We started our day at the Pancake Place with delicious pancakes for breakfast! Yum!


Starting the day with some pancakes at the Pancake Place in Dundee yumm

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We then tried the McManus Galleries – but since they were only opening an hour later at 12.30 we decided to skip and head to another gallery. It looked gorgeous though and we will be going back for sure!

dundee 1 dundee 2

We walked along the city centre to end up at the Dundee Contemporary Arts. A friend had just recommended this place and so we went in for their exhibition. It was a weird one but it was fascinating. 

dundee 3

Afterwards, we walked to the University of Dundee to see my man’s old haunts and we even played a game of pool in the union. We sat down in the sun for a while in the gorgeous square pictures below. It was so quiet and bonus point for how sheltered from the wind it was!

dundee 5

From there we kept on walking to reach the waterfront. We saw lemmings along the way and admired the Tay bridges. We walked all the way to reach Discovery Point to visit the RRS Discovery which went to Antartica. 

dundee 4 dundee 6 dundee 7 dundee 8 dundee 9 dundee 10

All in all it was a great day. The sun was shining and the wind was fierce, but I wouldn’t except anything else from the Scottish east coast. It was a fun day of discovering the Brit’s home during his undergrad and seeing yet again another little corner of Scotland.

Ever been to Dundee? Ever been to a place you didn’t think would be great, but you really enjoyed it?xx

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