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Three Years of Blogging

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Happy blogiversary to me!

A few days ago marked my official three years of blogging! Can you believe it? How time flies! And how much has changed in three years!

If you’ve been following since the beginning, you’ll know that it started under a different name ‘The Things I Am Crazy For.’ I liked that name, but I love what it has become even more.

Why Adventitious Violet? You may still wonder what the name means and why I changed it. Well I thought I wanted something that represented me more as a person and what I wanted to share on this blog. Did you know that my middle name is Violeta? (I was named after a famous Chilean singer) That’s where Violet comes from. Together Adventitious & Violet represent my place between culture, whether that’s in Canada, in Chile, in the UK, or while travelling abroad. It’s a mixture of lifestyle, travel, and culture, which is what I aspire to bring out through this blog.

I’m so proud of what this space has grown into in three years. And my gosh did it evolve – in looks, in photography and in content.

I’m so happy of everyone I have met through blogging, Marcella, Mel, Jordan, and the list grows longer all the time.

I’m also super proud of the fact that it’s something I’ve truly committed to. For the past three years, at least a few times a month if not weekly and at some point daily, I’ve been writing on this site. It’s been a great exercise of time management, commitment and finding my own voice and my place within the blogosphere, through writing and creativity. It’s also made me a more confident person! Who knew blogging had so many benefits, right?

Survey results

I also wanted to take this time to thank everyone who answered my survey two weeks ago! It meant a lot, so know it was appreciated. There were a few comments that were left that were very constructive and please know (and you’ll know who you are) that I’m aiming to address them. Here are a few of the survey results, which I found interesting:

– A whooping 59% visit the blog every time there is a new post – THANK YOU so much for that!
86% of you are bloggers, which I’m not too surprised by, but I aim to cater to everyone of course 🙂
– Again it won’t come as a surprise but 55% of those who answered the survey are based in Europe, followed closely by 36% in North America.
45% of you live abroad, which is much higher than I expected!

Blog wise it was interesting to hear about what you wanted to hear more about. A very high majority preferred reading blog posts about life updates, which makes me feel very special that people care to take time to read my sometimes sad ramblings about life (still waiting on that visa…). Thank you! It was closely followed by travel recaps and Scotland specific posts. I’ll definitely aim to keep those at the top of my priority list for posting!

Blogging goals for 2017

Finally, I wanted to give myself a few blogging goals for 2017. I’ve been working on most of those since December already, but let’s make it official!

1. Writing content more consistently. At least every Tuesday, and aiming for Fridays too.
2. Start doing more video content. Someone suggested that in the survey and it was a welcome idea!
3. Finish my brochures and finally launch my shop. Life got in the way on that one, but I’m working away at it right now!
4. Grow my blog readership as well as my engagement on social media. It’s actually paid off already, but it’s easier said than done as I am spending a lot of time on all of that at the moment.
5. Do more collaborations. I would love to collaborate more with other bloggers, interview interesting people, work with brands, and generally collaborate more with people who may want to visit Scotland!
Bonus — Answering comments quicker than I do now. It’s pure laziness, I can definitely work on that!

What are your blogging goals this year?xx

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