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The End of Africa

Hope I didn’t misguide you with this title! 😉 Today is going to be a short #TravelTuesday post because it is about a short, yet great, moment I lived at the tip of Africa!

Despite common belief that the southernmost point of Africa is in the Cape Peninsula, that is a title belonging to L’Agulhas in the Overberg region. While it is a much less impressive view than the Cape of Good Hope, L’Agulhas was a great stop we decided to included on one of our road trips!

After a wonderful morning of road trip, of lounging and whale-watching (or so I tried) at the De Hoop Nature Reserve where we had a picnic and were able to watch some animals ‘in the wild’, we made a stop at the southernmost point of Africa, which is also where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet.

I didn’t take the time to just stand there and appreciate the moment because this family was having a random photoshoot and they took so much time (it’s like, seriously, there’s a cue out here!). So we literally ran along the bridge, asked them to step away for a minute, snapped a few pictures and went on our way to keep the road trip going (and mainly to go get some ice cream).

While we ran around like headless chickens, T’s dad befriended a group of cyclists who were doing a charity run around the Cape (or so I remember). There was also this absolutely magnificent lighthouse at the coast! Don’t you just love lighthouses? I can’t be the only one who wish I could live in a lighthouse, right? …but I digress as always!

Anyhow, today’s post was about a moment that lasted about 10 minutes but that was a very memorable moment! While I wouldn’t recommend completely going out of your way to go see L’Agulhas, if you are in the region, you should make a stop!

Tell me, have you been to the Western Cape? Did you know about L’Agulhas?xx

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