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The beginning

the beginning of the blog

I never really make resolutions. That is not to say I do not wish things for the New Year every December 31st. I list a few goals every year. In 2012, my goal was to get in a postgraduate studies programme, which I was able to achieve and get into my first choice programme in the United Kingdom. In 2013, my goal was to finish my programme and obtain my MLitt, which I did. Of course upon finishing my programme I wanted a job, but after a few weeks of looking I decided to take an opportunity that presented itself to me, to head to Africa.

After coming home for the holidays, the New Year arrived – and whole new goals wrote themselves for my near future. I decided that this year would be a kind of ‘gap year’ for real life. I’m back home, just got a job to stock up my bank account a little bit before heading for a new adventure that will hopefully bring me back to the UK.

My goals this year:

1)     Get some money

2)     Return to the UK

3)     Return to my passion of writing

All very feasible things, in my opinion. I don’t like to tell myself ‘lose 10 pounds’ or ‘learn the art of pottery’ because these are things that I would force upon myself and would then bring guilt – guilt that I haven’t done anything about it or because I didn’t succeed when I tried myself at it. I do not find resolutions very inspiring. Since one of my goals is to return to my passion of writing, I am looking for inspiration this year. And this is how this blog came to be created.

So a little about me:

My name is Camila, I’m 24 years old and I have a Bachelor in English literature and a Masters in Women, Writing and Gender. I’m a blogger (I have blogged about my time in Scotland and for my university blog), a book and travel lover. Born in Montreal, Canada from a Canadian mom and Chilean dad, I feel like a citizen of the world. I’ve also lived in the UK and studied abroad in Germany. Watching tv and movies, planning dream trips, dancing, reading and adopting new homes are my favourite pastimes.

This blog will be about things that inspire me in life and love to talk about. Enjoy!xx

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