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A Stop in South Queensferry | Scotland

When I signed up to abseil down the Forth Rail Bridge for charity, I didn’t even really think about where it was situated. It’s just the bridge that connects Midlothian with Fife, right? I’ll go in the morning, do the abseil and come home. Of course when I realised that my check-in for the abseil was at 8.30AM and that no train arrives there on a Sunday morning before 9.15, I started getting interested in South Queensferry.

You see the Forth Rail Bridge technically connects South and North Queensferry, the town on either side of the Firth of Forth. Because yes, before the bridge, it used to be a ferry that connected both. 

The abseil (which happens a few times a year, if you’re ever interested!) takes part on the south side of the bridge, so it was a perfect time to visit a new town in Scotland. 

I booked an amazing little Airbnb room in this elderly couple’s flat and it was the best experience. I would highly recommend it (please write to me if you’re ever interested in details). While South Queensferry isn’t all that worth the detour, it’s a great place to stay if you want to stay in the area of Edinburgh but want a quiet place (it’s literally just 15 mins away from central Edinburgh by train).

I arrived around 6.30pm on Sunday evening and spent some time with my hosts. It was funny because I was admiring their library and when they asked if I love reading, I of course said yes and that I had studied English and ended up at the School of English at St Andrews. The man quickly reacted saying he did too, though a long time ago. It was so lovely to meet a fellow alum!  

They also told me they actually both participated in the abseil six years ago. The man was 80 back then! Can I tell you that kicked my butt into thinking I needed to do this and that I could do this. I also realised, it’s never too late to try something new!

After having tea with them, I headed out to enjoy the town. It’s a fairly small and quiet town (with only about 9,000 inhabitants) so there wasn’t much there. I walked out of the flat and boom there I was on the main street, and what’s to my right, the Firth of Forth. It’s a tiny place! 

I walked around town for a while – pretty sure I walked the entire town actually – and really enjoyed the views. It is stunning! And what is even better? South Queensferry at sunset! I’m so happy I was there on a beautiful sunny day and enjoyed the outdoors until about 10pm. 

There is nothing much of note to do in South Queensferry, but I highly recommend doing a quick stop if you can, or going for an evening walk out of Edinburgh. The views of the bridges alone are iconic! 

Weird question – do you have a favourite bridge?xx

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