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Stirling under the snow | Photo diary

I present to you Stirling under the snow. I know this comes a few weeks late, but I really wanted to share the photos I took of Stirling when it was hit by the Beast from the East earlier this month.

On Wednesday 28th February, Scotland was hit with some ‘heavy’ snow. It turned from yellow to amber to red alert really quickly that morning. Since I’m from Canada, I always think British people are exaggerating, so I went to work in Edinburgh. Yeah turns out I shouldn’t have. It took me over five hours to come home. They cancelled all trains to Stirling, so I took a train to Glasgow and stopped at Falkirk and was stuck there. I finally got in a cab a few hours later and finally got home. Thank god, because if I’d given up and taken a hotel room, I would have been stuck in Falkirk for a few days. There were no trains to/from Stirling for another four days. In the following days, most businesses were closed and shops ran out of food. Talk about the snowpocalypse!

After that, I worked from home even though I desperately wanted a snow day. However, the Brit (who was also working from home) and I went on daily walks in the snow. It was so nice. It struck me that it felt so familiar. I love the beauty the white snow brings, the perceived silence as it absorbs most sounds and I love how young and old alike get into a festive and fun mood. 

We even went sledging with some friends of ours with children. We all took turn using the sledges. I didn’t have snow/water-proof trousers on, so I didn’t go overboard with it, but I loved the atmosphere and took a bunch of photos!


Did you get caught by the beast from the east? Did you enjoy some wintery activities?xx

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