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St Andrews’ Bucket List: 21 Must-Dos

Hi everyone! Happy Monday!

Sorry for the online silence of this weekend – I’ve been celebrating my 25th birthday over the weekend so I’ve been a bit busy! More on that later! For now, here is a belated St Andrews post! Enjoy!

If I have convinced you that you should visit St Andrews by now, then these are the things you should definitely add to your list of things to do while in St Andrews (all according to moi, of course!)! If you’re new to this blog, you should also check out my post on Visiting St Andrews! If you’re not convinced, please head on over to my Expat page to check out my series on St Andrews and be charmed by this magnificent town and all it has to offer.


1. Go up the St Rule’s Tower for the best view in town.


excited colin #travellingminion

2. Visit the Cathedral and its museum. The grounds are perfect for a stroll or picnic.

3. Visit the Castle, and go explore the underground passageways.

4. Visit Sallies chapel, the oldest building of the University of St Andrews.


5. Learn about golf at the British Golf Museum.

6. Learn about the University of St Andrews’ history at MUSA.


7. Walk along the Scores and enjoy the view on the sea.


8. Walk along West Sands.

9. Go to the port and walk along the pier.

10. Walk around Sallies quad.


11. Walk along Market Street and enjoy the shops and the cobble stones.


12. Ceilidh at Forgan’s.

13. Go put your feet in the sea either at Castle or East Sands (only for summer months!).


this is may dip, but you get the point, right?

14. Try yourself at golf or observe the golfers at the 18th hole of the Old Course (and have your picture taken at the iconic swilcan bridge).

15. Live music at the Criterion.


16. Stop for tea and cake at Bibi’s Bakery.


don’t these look delicious?

17. Get ice cream at Jannettas.

18. Grab a drink at the Jigger Inn.

19. Eat fresh seafood at the Seafood Restaurant.

20. Grab afternoon tea at the Old Course Hotel.

21. Have breakfast or brunch at North Point Cafe.


I’m looking positively hungry

That should keep your stay quite busy, even if you think it’s such a small town! If you ever have questions on St Andrews, don’t hesitate to ask! I love that place and will be helpful to anyone wanting to go visit it 🙂

Have you ever been to St Andrews? Anything to add to my list? What’s your favourite thing to eat/visit/see/experience in your hometown/adopted town? xx

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