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Small victories and happiness lately (#3)

Lately may be a bit of a loose term. It’s been nearly 3 months since I last posted on the blog. It’s an understatement to say that it’s been a roller-coaster of emotions!

So much as happened and, while I’ve drafted a few blog posts throughout that time, I was much overdue with a catch up post!

Here are the small (but mostly big!) victories and happiness of the last few months:

>> First and foremost, I can’t talk about the last few months without mentioning our beautiful weddings! WeddingS indeed as we did a reception in both Scotland and Quebec. They were amazing and emotional days! Can’t wait to share this on the blog in the coming weeks.

>> Prior to the wedding in Scotland, I also had my hen do. There were 10 of us that went for afternoon tea at the Signet Library. It was great and lovely to get my best girls in Scotland together!

>> My parents and brother came to Scotland! While my mum came to visit when I was studying in St Andrews in 2013, it was my dad and brother’s first visit! It meant a lot for them to see our home!

>> We obviously took the chance to tour Scotland with them! It was, as we call it at my job, an express tour of the country, but it was worth it to give them a taster. For next time perhaps!

>> I was reunited with my bestie, who was also my witness at the wedding. We’ve only seen each other twice in the last 6 years but it’s always a blast!

>> My boss visited from Iceland and the Icelandic team gifted us a lovely Icelandic wool blanket for our wedding. It’s on our couch and, while it smells of sheep, I love to cuddle with it!

>> We also celebrated being named best company in Iceland! I don’t talk about my job a lot on here, but I love my job and the company I work for! Makes me feel very proud!

>> I ran the 10k at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival. While I only managed in 1h13, I was very pleased with my performance! It even brought me to sign up for the half-marathon for next year. Oh boy!

>> I went to the Guilty Feminist live show in Glasgow and it was fabulous! Ending the night singing ‘I will survive’ was a highlight!

>> In June, I also attended my first surfing class! The weather was awful and it took us nearly 2h30 to get to the coast, but it was absolutely worth it!

>> I also attended the hen do of a dear friend of mine! I wasn’t feeling all that well at that time, but we headed out to the spa at Gleneagles Hotel which was rejuvenating as they say! We spent such a nice girls’ day there, relaxing, chatting about life and the future, as well as munching on the gorgeous afternoon tea they serve!

>> We’ve just returned from 2 and a half weeks in Canada. We visited Halifax for a day on our way to Montreal where we stayed with my parents. We celebrated my dad’s 60th and my 30th! And hosted our second (and hopefully last) wedding!

>> Reunited with a cousin from Chile I hadn’t seen him since the last time I visited in January 2011. He was part of the Chilean delegation at the international karate competition happening in Montreal the weekend before our wedding. What a happy coincidence it was that he was there while I was too! Next time in Chile!

As you can see, it’s been a fantastic few months! That’s why I didn’t take too much time for the computer during that time. I’m living my best life and will share more about it all very soon!

How has your May and June been? Anything exciting? xx

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