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Imagining Travel as a Delicious Menu | Scotland Edition

How funny it is to imagine travel as a delicious menu. What would that mean in terms of starter, main and dessert (and cheese board for later, anyone?). Today I’m imagining Scottish travel as a menu just to stay in the theme of my lovely Scottish-based blog.

Travel in Scotland as a starter…

When I first came to Scotland I went all out (directly with a main?) and moved here from across the ocean. Do you know it took me nearly 3 weeks to actually make it to Edinburgh and nearly 2 years to even make it to Glasgow for a proper visit? I know, it’s crazy. My personal taster was St Andrews and it was perfect. It made me fall in love, not only with a Scottish guy (*winkwink) but also with Scotland as a beautiful seaside, mountainous, rural, historical country.

However, I think that most people use Edinburgh as a starter and I would definitely advise that as well. Edinburgh is the perfect mix of everything you’ll find in Scotland but in one neat package. While 2 days is a nice bite, I would advise at least a week in Edinburgh to get the full ‘starter’ experience.

That includes, walking along the Royal Mile, visiting a gin distillery, hiking up Arthur’s Seat, eating haggis, visiting museums, and facing the inevitable rain and wind.

Edinburgh at sunset

Travel in Scotland as a main…

Well my starter was my main, but for most travellers, I think that travel in Scotland as a main would be to have a stay in Edinburgh, see Glasgow and then head up to the Highlands and include at least one isle. If you want to be clich√© about it, and order a normal ‘main’ then the Isle of Skye will be at the top of your list. It is a classic main of course! But there are so many other amazing islands to see! From Mull, to Orkney, Shetland, Arran, passing by the Isles of Harris and Lewis.

Travel in Scotland as a dessert…

I think that the ‘dessert’ part of Scotland would be doing and/or visiting something off that would just make you feel plain nice. So you get that nice sweet feel!

I would recommend visiting a seaside village (perhaps St Andrews?) and tasting some delicious seafood. Perhaps going to visit a distillery if you like gin or whisky. You could spend the night in a castle, go feed the deers at the deer centre in Fife, or dance the night away at a traditional ceilidh? Try something very Scottish that brings you happiness.

travel as a delicious menu - dessert

And if you’re ever looking for inspiration, don’t be shy and ask!

What would be your ideal travel menu?xx

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