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Scottish Summer Hot List 2018 Edition

Two years ago I created this list based on a post by Jessi from Two Feet One World. It was really fun! Although I didn’t do most of it, so that’s a bummer! This summer I’m making a list of actual plans mixed with a few things I hope to squeeze in there. 

Because we went to Canada and Cuba in April (once the Brit was finished lecturing) and then I went back for a week for my uncle’s funeral, it means that I’ve taken most of my holidays for the year (or at least the summer). This doesn’t mean I won’t be enjoying my summer though! I’m hoping we can squeeze in a lot of adventures locally!

>> Finally see Passenger in concert
2 years ago I got tickets to see Passenger for the Brit’s birthday but unfortunately, due to visa issues, I wasn’t in the country, so we sold our tickets. He later announced his hiatus from touring, so I was gutted. But he recently announced his new UK tour, so I snatched us some tickets to go see him in Glasgow in August. So excited!

>> Surfing lessons
This one has been on my Scottish bucket list for years. I’ve been looking it up and really want to go take a surfing lesson in Dunbar. Hopefully in late summer when the weather is warmer!

>> Wedding in St Andrews
We’ve been invited to attend a wedding in the same venue where we’ll be having our wedding next year, which is so exciting! I’ll be reuniting with my St Andrews academic mentor and it’ll be lovely to see her get married to her St Andrews man.

>> Germany for a long weekend
Not really Scottish soz! A friend from Stirling has invited us to her hometown in Germany to celebrate her 30th birthday. We had plans to stay for a week or two to travel around, but I don’t have enough holidays, so we’re only off for 5 days. We’ll be landing in Düsseldorf and staying in Münster for the weekend.

>> Seeing my Brit graduate
My Brit handed in his PhD and passed his viva with minor corrections in 2017, but has had to wait until this summer for graduation. He already received his diploma, but it’ll be nice to celebrate him and his big achievement.

>> A wee bit of Argyll
The Brit’s parents are coming up for his graduation and the Brit will take the week off to go away with them. This girl, though, has got to stay in the office. But I’ve taken the Friday off (it’s also my birthday!) to go spend a day or two along with the in-laws in Argyll.

>> Running my first mini triathlon
I’m decided to make this happen this year. There’s a mini one in July in Loch Lomond and one near Stirling in early September. Hoping I can manage both and improve my time! (Would you like to hear about my training programme?)

>> Go back to the festival fireworks
Last year friends gave us tickets to join them at the end of festival fireworks in Edinburgh and it was amazing! I definitely hope we all go back this year.

>> Hike a munro
Okay this one is always on my list, but this is the season! My colleagues are going up Ben Schiehallion in July and I’m still technically signed up to go, so maybe this year!

>> Friends from Montreal visiting
It’s rare but quite a lot of my friends from Montreal are visiting this summer and looking forward to catching up and showing them a bit of my new country.

>> Celebrating my 29th birthday in Edinburgh
I’ve enlisted a few of my best gals to come along to afternoon tea in Edinburgh for my birthday.

>> Visit the Isle of Bute
This one is my wild card. Not plans to go, but would love to head over for a wee weekend getaway with my man.

Do you have any plans (big or small) for the summer?xx

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