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Scotland on film

Weekends often rhyme with adventures, but most often I need a good dose of relaxation over a good film. 

I love Scotland. When it rains too much, I’m not a fan, but it has become home in the past few years. For that reason, I love to watch movies that have Scotland as a backdrop. It makes me want to discover more of the country and it makes me feel like I know it well as I have been to so many of these places. 

Today I want to share 9 Scottish movies to watch (and perhaps one to avoid) :

Scottish movies

Not Another Happy Ending

This movie follows writer Jane (played by the delightful Karen Gillan) as she gets her first novel published and start work on her second novel. Because this brings success and happiness, it means she hits a writer’s block. Her publisher tries to make her unhappy so she gets back into the groove. It doesn’t sound like it, but it’s a slightly dramatic romantic movie. It’s ridiculous, but worth the watch for the Glasgow and rural Scottish backdrop.

The Angel’s Share

This is by far my favourite from this list. I’m a big fan of director Ken Loach and this particular movie follows a bunch of down-on-their-luck Glaswegians as they make their way to the Highlands for a special whisky tasting. It’s funny, so Scottish and so very real too. It’s very unlike Loach, but it’s also a feel good movie. 

Stone of Destiny

Based on the true story of a few Glasgow students as they head down to London to steal the Stone of Destiny from Westminster to bring it back to Scotland. I think this is such a fascinating story, especially with the still very current nationalist subject and the historic meaning of the Stone. It’s a funny and touching movie. Kate Mara also does the best Scottish accent for a none British gal! 

Restless Natives

A friend recommended this one to me after I told her how much I enjoyed The Angel’s Share. It follows two kids from Edinburgh who are looking to make money as they decide to put on costumes and rob tourist buses. Despite being chased by the police, they become a famous attraction. It’s a quirky one, but it’s worth a watch. 


Trainspotting is the most famous of all famous Scottish films. It’s rough around the edges and shows some of the worst of Scottish life as it follows a few young men involved in the drug scene. It’s one of the only one on this list I haven’t yet seen, but I may try soon as a Trainspotting 2 is set to be released next year.

Local Hero

I first heard about this movie when I was looking up my guidebook on Scotland and they mentioned the village of Pennan in Aberdeenshire (which is on my Scottish Bucket List). It was one of the main shoot locations for this film about an American oil company that tries to buy an entire Scottish seaside village. 


This Disney movie came out a few months before my first move to Scotland and I couldn’t wait to see it. It’s an amazing animated movie about a fierce Scottish princess who wants to find her independence and her own way. It has the kilts, the highland games, the beautiful accents and the mythology, as well as some kickass feminist moments. 

One Day

Based on a beloved book, I’m sure most of you will definitely know One Day. It’s a devastating romantic story that follows a woman and a man’s relationship, revealing moments of their lives one day a year for 20 years. I watched it recently and loved the Edinburgh background. But you’ve been warned – it is devastating.


I won’t say much about this one. It’s supposedly about Scottish history and it represents Scottish history quite well – it’s very bloody! I watched it when I moved to Scotland the first time but ended up skipping massive parts because it is a very long movie. You’re in for a long ride with this one.

Movies such as Harry Potter and Skyfall have been omitted (because they’re not really Scottish are they?) but I would recommend them obviously! 🙂

What’s your favourite Scottish movie?xx

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