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Santander Isn’t Just a Bank!

Hi y’all! Happy Travel Tuesday!

Today I thought that I would finally finish retelling my adventures in Spain of last summer. I started weeks (months?) ago when I told you about my stay in Asturias with family friend. Such an amazing trip!

THING IS when I bought my flight to Oviedo spain from London, I decided to take a flight back to Scotland but the nearest place with a flight to Edinburgh was Santander. I thought I’d take the bus or whatever to make the flight on my last day. However, my family friends, being the amazing people that they are, decided to spend the weekend there around my departure! That’s how I ended up visiting, Santander, Spain!

Santander spain

Santander in a nutshell

I know that when you google Santander, what you get is a lot of bank stuff. It has a link because the bank actually originates from the city of Santander in Spain. Santander is a city of just under 200 000 inhabitants and part of the Cantabria region in the north of the country. Wikipedia says that perhaps the name of the city is derived from Saint Andrew, whether it’s true or not, I think it was clearly meant to be 😉 The architecture, which combines many different styles, is lovely and the long bay, which is also an estuary apparently, is also breathtaking!

The trip

We left early from Gijon the day before my flight and took the bus toward Santander – it was only about 1-2 hours by bus yay! We got to Santander and quickly found the hotel. After changing into our bathing suits, we headed out in the warm sun of the late morning. We had lunch first and then I laid on the beach, the gorgeous Sardinero beach, for what seemed like hours! The family friends even went back to the hotel and I stayed there, lying on the hot sand! After almost a year in Scotland, it felt so good to feel the warm sun rays on my skin!

Later that afternoon, after I finally scraped myself off the beach, we went on a walk around the town centre and also around the Magdalena Peninsula, which is where the Palacio de la Magdalena (going back to 1908) is located. It used to be a summer residence for the royal family of Spain. It’s gorgeous!

After hours walking around in the hot sun of the late afternoon (and with the sun I took on the beach finally taking its toll on me) we decided to end the day in beauty with some churros. I had so many churros on that trip! Hence why there are no photos of me on the beach 😉

Finally, my last night in Spain also happened to be huge celebration in the Cantabria region. July 25th is the Festival of Saint James, the patron saint of Spain, and that is why there had been so many people everywhere in Santander. The day was ending with huge fireworks over the bay! Talk about finishing the trip with a bang!

Just like that, the next morning, I was getting on a bus to the airport and flying back to Scotland! The end of a great trip and much needed change of environment during my time writing my masters’ dissertation!

santander lighthouse

Isla de Mouro with its lighthouse

santander lighthouse closeup

santander coastline

I loved how open to the sea this place was

santander boat

santander castle

Palacio de la Magdalena

santander castle 2

santander castle and me

Pretending this is my summer house cough cough

santander coast

on the other side of the peninsula

santander through the trees

santander beach

view of the main beach from our hotel – not bad eh?

santander churros

my guilty pleasure

santander fireworks

the best way to end a trip somewhere – watching fireworks from the hotel balcony

I definitely wish I had seen more of this amazing city, but what I did see, I was completely in love with! There are so many things I didn’t take photos of as well! Whether it’d be the gorgeous casino, the hotels, or even more of the beach! The beach was probably one of the best I’ve been to, ever! Gijon is probably my favourite, the sand and the water were so amazing and it didn’t feel as crowded as the one in Santander, but perhaps that was simply because it was a holiday in Santander when I was there!

If you are in the north, I would highly recommend stopping by Santander, even if it’s just for a day, like me! Also, if you want to read more about my Spanish excursion, which includes Gijon and smaller villages, you can click here!

What is your favourite beach experience?

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